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Combative White House reporter Simon Ateba thanks Tucker Carlson for his support


White House correspondent Simona Ateba is grateful Fox News star Tucker Carlson stood by him after an outburst that led other reporters to reprimand the Today News Africa personality for his behaviour.

“Thanks to the 20,000 new Twitter followers who joined me after my interview at @TuckerCarlson Tonight last night despite the attacks,” he said in a labyrinthine tuesday tweet. “I won’t let you down.”

Ateba, who has won a reputation for being disruptive during White House briefings, he flew into a rage on Monday, claiming that press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was ignoring his questions. Several members of the press corps berated her colleague as she yelled at Jean-Pierre.

After calmly waiting for Ateba to shut up, the clearly flustered press secretary, speaking of mental health, told Ateba that his conduct was “unacceptable.”

Carlson, whose conduct as a journalist has also drawn criticism from his peers, happily hosted Ateba on his show Monday night.

“The press secretary doesn’t need to like me, date me, marry me, have two black children with me,” Ateba said. “They despise me. They don’t respect the First Amendment.”

He also stated that because “I am black, I am African, I have no money”, the White House and Jean-Pierre, who is black, do not respect him.

Carlson claimed his outrage that fellow Ateba reporters sided with him.

“The fact that (Reuters White House correspondent) Jeff Mason and the rest, who should be ashamed of themselves, sided with the White House against him is truly one of the most horrible things I have ever seen. seen in my life,” said the Fox News host. saying.

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Ateba complained that months have passed since he was called, claiming that Jean-Pierre ignores reporters in the back of the room, where he sits.

According to the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA), the press secretary decides who asks the questions, though she is encouraged to “‘move around the room‘ to make sure that journalists from smaller, niche outlets have a chance to ask questions.”

WHCA President Tamara Keith condemned the “extreme breach of decorumin a memo to reporters, according to The Hill.

Ateba also found himself at odds with the hosts of ABC’s morning show “The View” after they questioned his professionalism on Tuesday.

“He’s not a serious journalist,” said host Joy Behar, citing his willingness to appear on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” as evidence. as evidence.

Behar’s colleague, Sunny Hostin, dismissed Ateba as “clearly a horrible person” but argued that if the White House allows “infotainment” network Fox News to ask questions, the same courtesy should be extended to Today News Africa.

Ateba tweeted that the condemnation of the hosts of “The View” was “shameful” in his condemnation of him, and insisted: “I am a journalist and a true journalist.”

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