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Cleo Smith: Parents sign Channel Nine deal after alleged kidnapping made headlines around the world

Cleo Smith’s parents get an amazing windfall two months after the alleged kidnapping made headlines around the world







Cleo Smith’s parents have reportedly signed a $2 million deal with Channel Nine just weeks after the little girl’s alleged kidnapping.

The four-year-old from Western Australia made international headlines in November when she was found alive and well, 18 days after she was allegedly abducted from her family’s tent at a remote campsite.

Cleo’s mother Ellie Smith and stepfather Jake Gliddon have reportedly agreed to the lucrative deal for what is believed to be an Australian television record.

Reportedly arranged by talent agent Max Markson, the deal is expected to include a comprehensive interview with 60 Minutes and follow-ups with publications from Nine.

There is also talk that the young Cleo himself could appear in the interviews, The Australian reported.

Cleo Smith Parents sign Channel Nine deal after alleged kidnapping

The news of the snitch comes after reports that Cleo’s parents were considering changing her name to stop unwanted attention.

The couple has sought advice from other parents whose children have been unknowingly put in the spotlight after similar trials.

They ask how young victims of high-profile crimes recovered psychologically, including whether they received professional counseling and whether their parents found the process worth it.

They worry about how their daughter will cope with years of such intense attention, as she has been the focus of worldwide publicity since early childhood.

“They are concerned about the impact of the media and so on,” a source told the Daily Mail Australia.

Her alleged kidnapper, who was not known to Cleo’s family, is due to appear in court for a third time on Monday.

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