Christine Quinn exudes rocker chick glamour in leather jumpsuit

Christine Quinn exudes rocker chick style in a leather jumpsuit and chunky metal chain purses.

Christine Quinn looked more like an ex-villainess than a biker-babe as she paraded in an all-black Yuzefi leather suit on Tuesday.

The 34-year-old beauty showed off her toned body in the racy leather number. She wore multiple chained mini purses, one crossbody, and one around her neck.

The reality star turned heads while she danced down an LA sidewalk. 

Rock n’ roll vibe:Christine Quinn looked a lot more like a biker-babe that a former reality TV villainess, as she strutted her business in an all black leather Yuzefi suit.

Blonde bombshell wore her hair down, parted to her side and covered her silver chainslink earrings.

With a bold bronze lip color and dark brown brows, she paired dark black sunglasses with it.

This stunning outfit included a strapless bustier with a zipper at its bust, and detailed stitching all around. 

Boss Babe: The Beauty, 34, Sported Multiple Chained Mini-Purses In The Flatting Look That Emphasized Her Long Legs

Boss babe: At 34 years old, the beauty wore multiple mini-purses with chained chains in a flatting look that highlighted her long legs.

Quinn, the 18-month-old mother of Christian Dumontet’s son, looked confident as her day progressed. 

The star has confirmed that she won’t be returning to Selling Sunset, the show that launched her career.

Instead, she is now focusing her attention on the financial real-estate firm that she recently launched with her husband Christian Richard.

The first cryptocurrency-based business, the company lets anyone buy a house. A couple plans to increase its reach.

Always On Point With Her Fashion: The Impressive Outfit Featured A Bustier Design With Stitching Details. The Stylish Number Showed Off The Star¿S Notoriously Lean Physique

Always on point with her fashion: The impressive outfit featured a bustier design with stitching details. The stylish number showed off the star’s notoriously lean physique

They were a happy couple who decided to start a family after just two years of marriage. Christian was their first child and they celebrated his birth last May.

Earlier this week, MCM announced Quinn as the new face of the coveted 2022 Holiday Campaign, a larger-than-life advent calendar that features a best-in-class luxury lineup.

The calendar featured bold and playful themes that reflected the spirit of the holiday season while supporting the German fashion luxury house’s DNA.

The blonde bombshell wore a fur-lined white coat over a black and metallic skin-tight jumpsuit.

Bombshell: The Reality Tv Star Wore Her Long Blonde Hair Stick Straight And Pulled Back In A Pony Tail That Cascaded Over Her Shoulders

Bombshell: Reality TV star Bombshell wore her long blonde hair straightened and pulled back in a bun that reached over her shoulders.

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