Chris Cuomo says he ‘learned lessons’ after being fired from CNN as he begins his NewsNation show

Chris Cuomo has returned to the airwaves for the first time since being kicked out of CNN, insisting he has ‘learned lessons’ from his disgraceful departure and vowing to counter ‘groupthink’.

“This show will be topical, but it won’t be typical,” Cuomo, 52, said.

‘I’m not going to follow the pack – I’m here to expose the game.’

Cuomo was fired from CNN in December 2021 after it emerged that he had secretly advised his brother Andrew, then-governor of New York, on media strategy when confronted with allegations of sexual harassment.

Cuomo is currently suing CNN for $125 million in unpaid wages.

On Monday night, the fallen star anchor said he had had time to reflect on his mistakes and learn from them.

Chris Cuomo launched his new NewsNation show on Monday

Cuomo reportedly earns $1 million a year at NewsNation — a steep drop from his CNN salary of $6 million annually

Citing Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Cuomo said he believed “the past is prologue.”

“Everything that has happened before has led to this moment,” he told viewers.

‘I’ve learned my lessons, for better or for worse.’

Cuomo thanked his family, friends and therapist for their support and said he was excited to return to the role of news anchor.

He said he was ‘humbled by what happened and hungry to do better than before’, promising to ‘do more – not just play or even referee the match’.

Cuomo’s CNN show was the top-rated program in both 2019 and 2020, averaging two million viewers nightly in 2020.

NewsNation averaged just 46,000 prime-time viewers last year, Washington Post reported.

Cuomo told podcast host Kara Swisher last week that he knew his new show was a step down — but on Monday, he said he still had a lot to give.

He insisted that he had a unique insight into politics because his father and brother were former governors of New York.

“I’ve seen the inner workings of campaigns,” he said.

‘I know the deal, inside and out.

‘I want to bring all that to the table to help you.

“I want you to count on me to go where it matters.”

And he said he aimed to provide ‘depth to the discussion’.

“As loud and as angry as our world may sound: ordinary people like you, not the fringes, are the overwhelming majority,” he said.

‘We are still nowhere near our potential. We are being manipulated by manufactured division.’

He said his show would be ‘old school’ promoting a phone line for people to call.

He said he wanted discussion, not social media – ‘not raging radicals or anyone with keyboard muscles’.

Chris Cuomo on the set of his new NewsNation show, which launched Monday at 8:00 PM EST

His NewsNation show will feature guests such as Anthony Fauci, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Maher and Tulsi Gabbard in its first week.

On Monday, his guests were John Bolton, Dan Rather and Bill Maher.

Cuomo’s debut came days after suggesting the new show was a step down from his former primetime glory.

During his appearance on On With Kara Swisher last week, the NY Magazine editor pointed out the discrepancy in Cuomo’s lawsuit claims about his future employment, versus his new primetime show.

Cuomo will reportedly earn $1 million for his new hosting gig at NewsNation — a fraction of his previous $6 million-a-year paycheck at CNN.

“And you have a new job now that I want to talk about so you can apparently get hired,” Swisher asked Cuomo after reading a passage from his lawsuit.

“Well, do you think where I am now matches where I was?” Cuomo responded.

“It depends on what you do with it,” Swisher said.

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‘I’m talking to you in my dining room. I was number one on CNN and I would be recognized in Malawi as much as I would be in Milwaukee. It’s something completely different.’

Swisher, editor of New York Magazine, asked Cuomo how his firing from CNN made him unemployable since he already has a new job

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was grilled by reporter Kara Swisher and asked about his termination from CNN as he sues the network for $125 million over his firing

“I helped him in ways that I thought were reasonable,” Chris Cuomo, right, said of helping his brother Andrew, left, defend himself against sexual harassment charges

Despite his hiatus from the TV chair, Cuomo has remained in the headlines since his departure from CNN.

Many have speculated that Cuomo may have sparked the turmoil currently rocking CNN by ratting out former CEO Jeff Zucker over a consensual relationship with the network’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Allison Gollus, which led directly to the executive’s firing .

Asked whether he leaked news of the affair to Swisher, Cuomo vehemently denied the rumors.

“No, I didn’t,” he said. “People think a lot of things, and very often it’s for bad reasons or selfish reasons or to hurt someone else,” Cuomo said. “I’m not the guy to play small things, make shots and go after people.”

He went on to call Zucker ‘one of the best TV producers’ and the relationship that was revealed gave him ‘no joy’, adding that Zucker ‘gave me tremendous opportunities.’

Despite the kind words for his former boss, Cuomo bitterly lamented that he was ‘recognized in Malawi as much as I would be in Milwaukee’ before his firing.

Swisher dropped an anonymous sexual assault allegation against Cuomo and merely checked to see if he denied the allegations.

The former CNN front man answered a straight ‘yes’ to each of Swisher’s questions on the topic before moving on to the next topic, refusing to dig deeper.

Swisher also went easy on the former CNN anchor when it came to his brother’s allegations of sexual harassment, and the ex-governor’s younger brother dutifully avoided the questions anyway.

Asked if he felt it was inappropriate for him to help his brother wrestle from the charges, Cuomo said ‘what’s the difference between helping him personally and strategically?’

Former CNN chief Jeff Zucker was fired from his position for not disclosing an affair with CNN chief Allison Gollust, though Cuomo denies disclosing them

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Allison Gollust, who stepped down with Zucker, is believed to have engaged in the relationship with him for years

Cuomo continues to maintain that he sees nothing wrong with his actions, saying because he didn’t cover up his brother’s allegations, he was free to help him.

“I helped him in ways that I thought were reasonable,” Cuomo said.

‘I don’t know how it hurt the audience. I never heard that it hurt the audience,’ he said of his involvement in shaping his brother’s defense against sexual harassment charges.

At the time he issued an on-air apology on CNN, Cuomo said he ‘knows where the line is.’

He addressed the conflict of interest again in his podcast, saying: ‘I really regret how everything ended, but I will never regret helping my family.’

Andrew Cuomo’s career as a politician collapsed after he was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with 11 women.

He resigned in August 2021 after months of withdrawal and eventually all criminal charges were dropped against him.

Cuomo was found to have helped his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (pictured here), defend himself against sexual harassment allegations by 11 women

The charges against Cuomo were based on allegations by Brittany Commisso, who said Cuomo reached up her blouse and grabbed her breast in late 2020 while they were alone in his Executive Mansion office, where she had been summoned to help with his cell phone.

He insisted he did no such thing, saying ‘that would be an insane act’.

Commisso’s testimony was among the most damning in a report released in August 2021 by Democratic Attorney General Letitia James that concluded Cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women.

Chris maintains that he was not the ‘main guy’ in helping his brother overcome the allegations and was merely a ‘sidekick’ in the endeavour.

This notion is backed up by notes from his brother’s top assistant Melissa DeRosa, who noted: ‘Chris sends me a lot of stuff a lot of the time. I don’t deal with half of it. He gives unsolicited advice’.

The former governor was also blamed for many of New York’s 15,000 COVID deaths in nursing homes after forcing the facilities to accept COVID-positive patients at the beginning of the pandemic.

Chris kindly interviewed his brother on his CNN show during this time, admitting to Swisher that he knew his brother being on his show was a conflict of interest “all day long.”

He defended the decision to do that too, saying: ‘When I had him on, it wasn’t about news and covering a state governor. That’s all I’m saying,’ despite interviewing him on a news show.


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