Charlie Kirk tells Tucker Carlson ‘Twitter Files’ confirm his suspicion that he was being censored

Charlie Kirk tells Tucker Carlson, “More censorship is than Hamas”: Charlie Kirk says that Tucker Carlson’s ‘Twitter Files Part 2 confirms his suspicions about being censored after he spoke out against pandemic lockdowns for 2020

  • Charlie Kirk, a Conservative commentator, said that Twitter was a ‘Democrat super PAC’ when he spoke to Tucker Carlson about the latest Twitter files’
  • Kirk described how interaction with his Twitter account disappeared after he started tweeting skeptically about COVID-19 lockdown measures for 2020
  • He He spoke about how he was ridiculed for trying to draw attention to the fact his account was being censored. But he said that he finally had proof
  • The newly released Twitter files found that the company placed conservative commentators on a ‘search blacklist’ or tabbed them ‘do not amplify’

Charlie Kirk, a conservative commentator, joined Tucker Carlson, Fox News host, to discuss the breaking news about Twitter’s ‘blacklisting’ of his and other right-wingers’ accounts. 

Kirk shared with Carlson how his retweets as well as user interaction fell drastically and suddenly in 2020. He said that the revelations of Twitter’s blacklist were proof of the things he suspected the social media company was doing all along.

The latest news about the blacklist comes out of the secret “Twitter Files” documenting the platform’s censorship efforts. Elon Musk began releasing his tweets as part of his vow that Twitter would be a safe-haven for free speech.

The latest batch of files were released by Musk to journalist Bari Weiss, who found that conservative commentators such as Kirk and Dan Bongino and others who questioned the prevailing COVID orthodoxy of lockdowns and mask mandates were deliberately put on a ‘search blacklist’ or tabbed ‘do not amplify.’ 

Kirk spoke to Carlson and said that the social media company was censoring Kirk more than terrorist groups because he viewed what he had to say as a threat to the regime. 

“Were they told to do that by the federal government?” He asked, describing how he witnessed Twitter transform from a social platform to a Democrat super PAC.

Kirk explained to Carlson how his account was being followed at least 115,000 times per hour before the pandemic. After he began to doubt the effects of lockdown measures, however, he stated that his account interaction fell ‘off a rock’.

He stated, “I was called conspiracy theorist, but I was smeared”, and recalled how many people responded to his suggestions at that time. It is possible that Twitter was censoring his views.

“Now you see actual verified papers where my Twitter account has been labeled as NSFW, do not amplify – which I can only infer to mean not safe work.” Kirk stated. 

“They treat my twitter account more closely than the prime minister of Iran, Hamas, or people who do actual terroristic damage.”

“Now, we have evidence to show that’s exactly the reason my Twitter account in the last two years has seen a decline of 95 percent in engagement.

“They saw my words as a direct threat and threatened the regime,”

1670547243 119 Twitter Kept A Secret Blacklist Of Accounts And Topics To

1670547244 842 Twitter Kept A Secret Blacklist Of Accounts And Topics To

Kirk asked, “Were they instructed to do this by federal government?” Kirk asked. 

“Was my tweet somehow capable of creating viral counter messaging to what hey desired to see happen in 2020. We may never find out.

“But Twitter at its best, when Twitter was truly something that was worth appreciation, and I hope it gets there soon,” was a place where heterodox ideas were able to spread instantly with virility, and hold the powerful accountable. 

I was fortunate to have one of these accounts over the years. Twitter took steps to censor and suppress it.

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