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Call to list air pollution on national agenda


Smoke blankets Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand. (Photo: Pattarapong Chatpattarasill)

Smoke blankets Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand. (Photo: Pattarapong Chatpattarasill)

The Thai Chamber of Commerce has actually proposed PM2.5 ultra-fine dust contamination rise to an immediate nationwide program product, noting it impacts the health of homeowners and damages self-confidence in tourist, especially amongst long-lasting visitors and groups checking out the nation to blend work and leisure.

Sanan Angubolkul, chairman of the chamber, stated Greater Bangkok and Chiang Mai are pestered by PM2.5 contamination yearly in between November and March.

The primary causes are the burning of farming waste, exhaust fumes from cars and trucks, forest fires and building activity.

The contamination has actually intensified this year according to the Air Quality Index. Bangkok is ranked amongst the 10 worst cities for air contamination worldwide and Chiang Mai is ranked 13th since March 15.

“If this issue is not fixed for the long term, it will affect the health of citizens and impact the self-confidence of prospective travelers, specifically long-lasting visitors and groups that concern work and unwind,” stated Mr Sanan.

“Data from the Tourism Authority of Thailand showed the PM2.5 crisis triggered some travelers to cancel hotel appointments in Chiang Mai, with a cancellation rate of as much as 10-15%.”


Numerous organisations have actually proposed and executed procedures to lower PM2.5 contamination, such as looking for cooperation and more stringent enforcement of laws on outdoor burning, restricting the hours when trucks with more than 6 wheels can get in Bangkok, and fining owners for lorries that produce poisonous black fumes.

Many of these procedures have actually not been reliable in minimizing PM2.5 levels, he stated.

Mr Sanan stated the federal government needs to supply channels for the general public to report on activities that trigger air contamination along with share images, keeping track of such activities.

Real-time information ought to be utilized to evaluate and establish proper steps to deal with the crisis, while social networks need to be utilized as a tool to report and keep an eye on activities triggering air contamination to the federal government, he stated.

The federal government, organizations and the general public ought to concentrate on real cooperation, with advertising steps and stringent charges released that can be implemented, stated Mr Sanan.

Clear policies and procedures can assist ease the issue over the long term, he stated.

In regards to effect avoidance, Mr Sanan stated the PM2.5 issue includes several sectors and is a complicated concern that can not be resolved by any private or organisation alone.

There ought to be cooperation amongst organisations at the neighborhood, provincial and nationwide levels, consisting of scholastic organizations, innovation engineers, business sector, social and ecological groups, and city government firms, to collectively establish detailed steps to avoid the air contamination, he stated.

This needs systemic cooperation and increased effectiveness in management and budget plan allotment to attain useful outcomes, stated Mr Sanan.

In addition, a curriculum ought to be established for trainees to comprehend and take part in ecological conservation so future generations in the nation can continue to preserve ecological sustainability, he stated.

The chamber thinks minimizing air contamination over the long term needs resolving the farming section.


Mr Sanan stated the federal government needs to inspire farmers to increase the worth of harvest leftovers, promote the growth of neighborhood power plant jobs in locations with farming basic materials, and minimize the burning of farming waste by utilizing it as fuel in closed systems at power plants.

In addition, he stated the federal government needs to promote access to low-interest financing for farmers’ cooperatives and neighborhood business to acquire farming equipment, supplying services to small farmers by means of sugar-cane harvesters, rice combines, corn harvesters and hay compressors.

The state needs to likewise promote land management strategies, consisting of cropping schedules and land mixes, to accommodate the most suitable and affordable usage of farming equipment, such as sugar-cane harvesters.

To decrease the quantity of burning, the federal government ought to establish prepare for collecting rice straw and corn, comparable to those for sugar walking cane, stated Mr Sanan.

A nationwide objective was developed to remove sugar-cane burning by 2022.

The chamber concurs with the state’s penalty procedures for farmers who burn their fields, such as withholding state help.


The chamber concurs with rigorous steps to find all kinds of cars discharging black smoke, such as trucks, vans, buses, minibuses and motorbikes.

These steps consist of performing emissions tests on automobiles utilized to carry items prior to they are enabled to run.

The chamber proposed compulsory evaluations for trucks and vehicles that are 7 years of ages or older, increasing the frequency to two times a year.

An evaluation of time limitation procedures for automobiles and cancelling the authorizations for all kinds of civil service automobiles that reach completion of their life span must be motivated to push operators towards utilizing cleaner energy lorries, according to the chamber.

Rewards must be used to motivate owners of older cars and trucks (a minimum of 10 years old) to change to hybrid or electrical lorries (EVs), stated the chamber.

In addition, more EV filling station are required, stated Mr Sanan.

The chamber prepares to continue to motivate all sectors to check their cars to guarantee they remain in great condition, preserving their emission control gadgets in great working order.

The economic sector’s vehicle service centres will offer guidance and services to decrease emissions, he stated, while monitoring partners that transfer items to make sure the lorries they utilize are kept and do not discharge black smoke.

The chamber wishes to promote techniques to minimize fuel usage and motivate the shift to utilizing electrical systems.


Mr Sanan stated there are numerous building tasks in Bangkok and its suburban areas.

The chamber proposes the federal government strictly monitor building websites in locations with high levels of air contamination, in accordance with the law.

Building and construction operators need to follow ecological effect evaluation prepares to avoid the websites from giving off big amounts of air contaminants, he stated.

Mr Sanan stated the economic sector is open to a conversation with building and construction operators on altering their approaches, such as utilizing precast concrete parts put together on website to lower the dust created by carrying basic materials and utilizing equipment.

Operators can likewise spray water to avoid dust from spreading out within the building location, he stated.

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