Home Sports Bruins-Panthers animosity hits new level after Bennett hit on Marchand

Bruins-Panthers animosity hits new level after Bennett hit on Marchand

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Bruins-Panthers animosity hits new level after Bennett hit on Marchand

Animosity between Bruins and Panthers reaches new level after Bennett attacks Marchand originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The animosity between the Boston Bruins and the Florida Panthers continues to rise as their Eastern Conference second-round series progresses.

Panthers center Sam Bennett will reportedly not be fined or suspended for a questionable hit on Bruins left wing Brad Marchand during the game. First period of Friday night’s Game 3 at TD Garden.

Steve Conroy of the Boston Herald reported Saturday that no NHL discipline will come to Bennett.

Bennett hit Marchand quite hard near the Bruins bench, knocking down the Boston captain. Marchand was slow to get up and, although he played until the end of the second half, he was ruled out for the rest of the game at the start of the third period due to an upper body injury. There was no penalty in the play.

Initial replays of the hit didn’t look too egregious, but other angles, including the one in the video below, make it fair to wonder if Bennett hit Marchand in the head.

Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery had some interesting comments about Bennett’s hit after Saturday’s practice.

“In real time, my eyes weren’t there because the puck had left that area,” Montgomery told reporters. “But after watching it, there is a story with Bennett. Tough player, but there is clear evidence of what happened. “People may say it wasn’t intentional, but we have our opinion on it.”

Marchand considers himself “everyday,” according to Montgomery.

Unsurprisingly, Panthers head coach Paul Maurice had a different view of Bennett’s hit on Marchand.

Bennett took a similar hit to Toronto Maple Leafs forward Matthew Knies during the second round of last season’s playoffs. He was not suspended, but Knies missed the final three games of the series with a concussion.

Bennett returned to the Panthers’ lineup in Game 3 on Friday after missing the previous five games due to injury.

The Panthers won 6-2 in Game 3 and have a 2-1 series lead entering Game 4 at TD Garden on Sunday night.

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