Britney Spears gets into tiny lingerie, but the fans are not impressed

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Britney Spears currently travels around Europe with her Piece of Me tour.

The musical icon is scheduled to perform in Sweden tonight, although it will return to the UK next week.

The 36-year-old took Instagram before her show in Norway the night before, to show off one of her stage sets.

One of Britney's sets is inspired by Victoria's Secret Harlequin Fantasy Bra 2009.

The singer Toxic posed in front of a mirror with jeweled bra, pants, stockings and boots.

She was standing with her firm arms up, her head tilted, the posture of her legs together to allow a full view of her athletic figure.

Mom-of-two Britney squeezed her chest in the bra, which featured a crisscrossing design of shiny stones.

And although the attractive appeal amassed more than 830,000 likes, not all of Brit's 20.6 million followers were impressed.

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STRAIGHTED: Britney Spears posed in one of her tiny stage costumes

Britney Spears Piece of Me Tourgetty

TRAVEL: Britney brought her Piece of Me Tour to Europe

"Throw those bikini straps to the girl! It's 2018!"

A fan

A number urged her to adjust the straps of her pants, which seemed to overlap each other.

One said: "Pull the girl bikini straps! It's 2018! I love you no matter what."

Another commented: "My God, she always does that … Pull the top rope down!"

Others had very specific grievances, such as: "I'm sorry, Britney, but your right foot is starting to give."

Marissa Miller Fantasy Bra 2009getty

SIMILAR: Britney's outfit is inspired by the Victoria & # 39; s Secret Fantasy Bra 2009

"You need more ballet, it will really change your position to a more flattering leg line."

While other opinions were more general, with a fan who said: "Britney, you must fire your stylist".

Of course, there were many comments full of admiration for the surveyor.

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ICON: Britney Spears showed up at Brighton Pride last weekend

One said: "So proud of you, you give women an incentive to get the bodies we want, I love you, Brit Brit."

One second he wrote: "Chica Dang! Go ahead … you are incredibly beautiful".

And someone else added: "It was, it is, it will always be a goddess".