British woman, 31, accused of hurling boyfriend, 22, 100ft to his death in Turkey is released

A British woman accused of hurling her boyfriend 100 feet to his death from a hotel balcony in Turkey has been released on parole.

Mary Meyers Kayley, 31, denies the murder of her boyfriend Reece Pegram, 22, in Antalya in a fit of jealousy after a drunken argument on March 12, 2021.

The British couple had been on holiday at a five-star hotel in the popular tourist destination of Side, near the town of Manavgat, when Reece fell into a concrete yard in the early hours of the morning.

Defense lawyers have now won her parole from prison after pointing out flaws in the prosecution’s case.

Kayley has been in Turkish prison since her boyfriend’s death with prosecutors seeking life in prison, but she says she must be released due to her “psychological issues.”

Her lawyers also pointed out that she did not flee the scene, Pegram had cocaine and alcohol in his body at the time, and there is no evidence to prove whether the victim was pushed or simply fell.

Mary Meyers Kayley (Pictured), 31, Denies Killing Her Boyfriend Reece Pegram, 22, In Antalya In A Fit Of Jealousy On March 12, 2021

Mary Meyers Kayley (pictured), 31, denies killing her boyfriend Reece Pegram, 22, in Antalya in a fit of jealousy on March 12, 2021

The British Couple Had Been On Holiday At A Five-Star Hotel In The Popular Tourist Destination Of Side. Pictured: Pegram

The British couple had been on holiday at a five-star hotel in the popular tourist destination of Side. Pictured: Pegram

Authorities said the couple had argued in their hotel room shortly before his death and Kayley was arrested for “deliberate murder.”

The court heard earlier this year that when police investigated the death, they found bloodstains all over the couple’s room.

Scotland-born Kayley is said to have been so drunk that she had to be taken to her room by hotel staff, while according to court records, Pegram went to the hotel lobby for booze around 8pm, but was refused as he was already drunk.

Prosecutors told the lawsuit that the couple had rowed furiously in the moments leading up to Pegram’s death.

An autopsy on Reece’s body reportedly found cocaine in his system.

The Couple Was On Vacation In The Seaside Town Of Side, In Turkey'S Antalya Province

The couple was on vacation in the seaside town of Side, in Turkey’s Antalya Province

Manavgat’s chief public prosecutor alleges in the indictment against the suspect that the young couple got involved in a heated drunken discussion.

They said Kayley threw his clothes off the balcony of their hotel room before allegedly throwing them away and causing his death.

The defendant alleged that the bloodstains in the room were the result of accidentally cutting her thumb while she was in the shower, while insisting that the bloodstains in the bed were from a sex session.

She initially admitted to arguing with Pegram after finding out he cheated on her with an ex-girlfriend.

But she later changed her version of events, claiming that the cut on her hand was caused by a broken glass and that they had argued over drug use instead.

Kayley told the court how she went to the bathroom after the blazing argument, but when she resurfaced, her boyfriend was no longer there.

Pegram Was Found To Have Traces Of Cocaine In His System During The Autopsy And Had Been Drinking Heavily The Night Of The Incident

Pegram was found to have traces of cocaine in his system during the autopsy and had been drinking heavily the night of the incident

She said she went to bed then, as the police arrived while she was asleep.

Kayley, who testified in her case at the second hearing, reportedly said, “I use drugs. I think I have a mental disorder.

‘I have a report from England; It is written that I have mental problems. I demand that I be released.’

Her lawyer also argued that the autopsy report shows that Reece had alcohol, cocaine and antidepressants in his blood and that taking these three substances together can make people suicidal.

They also said, “It is not possible for my client to pick up the deceased, who is so much heavier than themselves, and throw it over the balcony railing.”

The lawyer stated that there was no report from the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute as to whether the incident was caused by a throw or a fall, and requested the woman’s release.

The court ruled that Kayley should be released under judicial supervision, provided she does not leave the Manavgat district.

The hearing was adjourned while the prosecution tries to correct the shortcomings in the case.

In Turkey, The Minimum Unconditional Term For A Life Prisoner Is 24 Years (Side Shown)

In Turkey, the minimum unconditional term for a life prisoner is 24 years (side shown)

At an earlier hearing, Hayley told prosecutors that Pegram was a drug lord in Britain in an apparent attempt to discredit him.

She also claimed that the day before his death, he threatened to throw himself from the balcony, but that she managed to talk him out of it.

‘[Reece] wanted to commit suicide because he had psychological problems. I was in the shower at the time, I accidentally cut only my right thumb when I got in the shower,” Kayley said in a statement.

“When I got out of the shower I saw the person laughing maliciously to himself on the balcony and saying he wanted to kill himself, I blocked him. Meanwhile the blood on my right thumb splattered on the floor and the walls of the room.’

In a bizarre legal move, she tried to get judges to throw away her original police statement because her official interpreter had not been able to understand her Scottish accent.

But the court dismissed the claim, pointing out that she used the same interpreter during the hearing.

Pegram’s body was flown back to Newcastle after the autopsy and was cremated in a funeral ceremony with family on May 9.

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