British Football League


The British football league is one the most famous and best football league in the world also known as the English football league. It makes a lot of progress in the world of football because it has the best football players in all over the world. It is also famous in the world as a football pyramid.

This league was created in 1988 by club owner Aston Villa. The name of this club was William McGregor. Basically this league was dominated by those who promote professionalism. It is one of the oldest leagues in the world. You can watch live football here.

Teams of England Football League

There are a total number of 72 football teams in this league. Every team has good players as they recruit players from all over the world. To join this league as a player is not an easy process but you can do this by making a lot of hard work in football.

Here we are going to describe some of the famous teams of this league.

1.      Leeds United F.C

It is one of the most famous football clubs in this league. It was found in 1919 on the base of Leeds city. This team has won three English Football League titles. The reason why this team is so famous in this league because it has the best of the best players in their team.

2.      Aston Villa

This team was found in 1874 and in a very short period of time, it gets too much rank in the English football league and become very popular a very short time. The owner of this team spends a lot of money to make it one of the best teams in the league.

3.      Chelsea F.C

This football club was created in 1905 this team has won four competitive honors in the English football league. It is one of the most successful clubs in England. In 1970 this club has won its first FA club at European honor.

Famous Players of Team

The thing that makes this league popular in the world is its players. They consume a lot of money on players because they give too much salary to their players so that they perform well in ground. Here we are discussing some of the famous players of this league.

4.      Booby Moore

Booby Moore is one of the best and famous players in England. He was born in 1941. He was known as the real gentlemen of this game. He led the England team in the world cup in 1966.

5.      Bryan Robson

He was born in 1957 he becomes a good football player in his college days. He made 26 goals and wins 96 caps in his football career.

6.      Jimmy Greaves

He was born in 1945. He wins 45 caps for his country. He was the highest goal scorer in English top-flight football and made 357 goals. He made 44 goals in just 75 international appearances.

7.      Gordon Banks

He was known as the best goalkeeper of the English football team. He wins 37 caps and made zero because he was a goalkeeper. He also played the football world cup in 1966 for England.

Final verdicts

In this article, we get to know about the history of the English football league, some of its famous teams and players. The English football league wins the world cup just for once time against Germany. This team has qualified 15 times for the FIFA world cup. England is famous in football because their people and government is so interested in games and choose the best player all over the world. After reading these articles please leave us a comment about your opinion so that we give you better quality content.