Best smart locks: secure your home with a modern smart lock

<pre><pre>Best smart locks: secure your home with a modern smart lock

Nowadays it feels like everything in our homes is connected to the internet, from our kettles to our TV's, but one of the areas with smart technology that is thriving is smart security and especially smart locks.

Smart locks have come a long way in both technology and design. The best smart locks on the market are not only super effective, but they also look like designer pieces that give a touch of style to your front door.

From August to Kwikset to Yale, there is a wide range of smart lock input methods and designs, from touchscreens that completely omit the keyway, to those that you do not even know are smart locks from the outside. The key is to discover which smart lock works well for you, your door and your home.

We have compiled this manual for the best smart locks on the market and unlike these products you do not need a special code to access our expert advice on which locks are right for you.

Smart lock Nest x Yale

An excellent smart lock … if you own other Nest products

Dimensions: Outside: 2.59 "x 4.59" x .08 "(6.58 x 11.65 x 1.79 cm) / Interior: 2.78 x 7.03" x 2.02 "(7.06 x 17.86 x 5.12 cm) Weight: 2.42 lbs (1.03 kg) Power: 4 AA batteries (included) Battery life: 1 year

Well designed

Great app


As the name suggests, the Nest x Yale slot can be integrated with your Nest Smart Home products, so this device reaches far beyond your front door. It is an excellent smart lock anywhere, but especially if your home is furnished with other Nest devices.

Setup is often a bottleneck when it comes to smart locks, but the Nest x Yale lock is easy to install and connect to your Internet (if you think about Nest Connect, in other words).

The lock has a keyboard on the outside, so you pick up a code to enter your house, instead of inserting a key. This is great if you push the keys all the way into your pockets or handbag.

A nice feature is "one-touch locking", with which you can lock your door by pressing the Yale logo. To unlock with the same method, press the logo again and follow a few more steps before your door is opened for you. There is also the option to lock the Nest x Yale at a pre-set time, especially useful if you often forget to close your door at night.

The Next x Yale lock is available in satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze and polished brass, so it does not matter what your style is, you should find something that fits.

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Schlage Sense Smart Lock

A solid smart lock that is a bit on the side

Dimensions: Exterior: 3 "x 5" x 1 "/ Interior: 3" x 8 "x 2" | Power: 4 AA batteries (included)

Easy to install

Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit integration

Something large

The Schalge Sense is another easy to install and use slim lock, although its size is a bit on the bulky side.

You can lock and unlock your doors directly from the app or by entering codes on the keypad. There is a deadbolt on the inner part of the lock when you want to lock the door from your house.

With the app you can create and delete codes, useful if you want to generate codes for house guests. However, if you want to use this function, you must do so via Wi-Fi or via the built-in Bluetooth of the slot. In our own tests we used the app to lock our front door at night, after we had already gone to bed and under the covers.

The app leaves something to be desired, and you will have to be patient to deal with broken connections every now and then.

The Schlage Sense works with Apple's HomeKit, so you can control your lock with devices such as an Apple TV, iPad or HomePod loudspeaker via the HomeKit app.

The slot also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can only use your voice to unlock and lock the device.

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August Smart Lock Pro

Wi-Fi connected smarts in a discrete package

Dimensions: 3.4 "x 3.4" Power: 4 AA batteries (included) necessary: Wi-Fi bridge