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Best Car Phone Holders and Chargers

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Best Car Phone Holders and Chargers

ESR Wireless Car Charger For $22: It’s very affordable, has strong magnets that work well with MagSafe iPhones, and charges up to 15 watts, but I don’t like the logo or the extraneous lights and I have my doubts about the durability of this charger. It attaches to the vent ball joint or the provided dash mount, but I had problems with the vent fitting.

Nomad USB-C Car Charger for $60: It’s expensive and bulky, but this dual-port Power Delivery charger plugs into your car’s outlet and can deliver 70 watts from any USB-C port. If you use both, the top blue port provides 50 watts and the bottom blue port supplies 20 watts.

iOttie Aivo View Dash Cam for $150: With a sleek and compact design, the iOttie Aivo View looks perfect and records videos at up to 1600p and 30 frames per second. There’s a Bluetooth remote button to trigger recordings and it’s compatible with Alexa for voice commands, but I found the app unstable and very slow at downloading videos.

Vantrue Element 1 Dash Cam for $150: This small dash cam from Vantrue records clear videos at up to 1440p and 30 frames per second with HDR support. It also has a parking mode and built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, but I couldn’t connect the app, so I had to remove the microSD card to review the images.

NextBase 222 Dash Cam for $60: This basic dash cam works reasonably well and has the same design as the more expensive NextBase models with a color screen on the back. But it can only record at 1080p and 30 frames per second, and I found it difficult to read license plates at night. It supports parking mode, but there is no GPS, so the videos lack coordinate and speed information.

NextBase 522GW Dash Cam for $219: If your budget doesn’t reach the 622 GW above, this is the next model up and has many of the same features, including parking mode, Alexa, and the optional Emergency SOS subscription. Video maxes out at 1440p and 30fps, there’s no what3words support, and nighttime performance isn’t that great, but this is probably your best option in this price range.

iOttie Velox MagSafe Wireless Charging Car Mount for $42: Our previous pick for the best MagSafe vent mount is not only stylish but also rock solid. It is similar to the Belkin mentioned above, but maxes out at 7.5 watts. If you don’t mind the slower charging speed, you can save money by choosing this support.

Joyroom MagSafe Vent Mount Charger for $27: Here is another wireless charging MagSafe vent mount for iPhones. Securely holds iPhones and MagSafe cases and emits a soft blue light to make it easy to find in the dark (turns off when you mount your iPhone). It’s a solid option to have your iPhone in landscape orientation, but it’s not suitable for heavier Max models. Joyroom claims to charge at 15 watts, but it only charged my iPhone 14 Pro at 7.5 watts.

Mophie Dual USB-C Car Charger for $35: This is a solid dual-port USB-C charger that only loses one spot at the top because it maxes out at 40 watts. It supports Power Delivery, has a durable aluminum finish, and has a handy, grippy texture that makes it easy to remove.

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