Best NBA 2K21 Tips – To Make You A Better Player In 2K21

Are you the one who plays basketball in real life, or watched the basketball match on the TV? Then you become a player of NBA 2K21. If you are a beginner and trying to find a way to get better in games, we bring you NBA 2K21 guide is more catered for beginners, top 2K21 tips to make you a better player. Buy NBA 2K21 MT and NBA 2K21 MT PS5 at goldah with fast delivery!


NBA 2K21 Tips Set Up Favorite Plays

NBA 2K21 best tips for beginners is to learn how to set up your favorite plays. One of the best additions 2k has added in recent years was the ability to set up your go-to plays as your favorite plays. By default, your favorite plays will be iso, but the most interesting part is you can change them by going into your gameplay then down to offensive settings and play selection. 

You’ll find the 8 defaults on the right, if you click play selection and select a play you can scroll down through your whole team’s playbook where you can fill up your 8 favorite plays with go-to plays from that team’s playbook. If you have a certain NBA 2K21 MT play you want to run for your best shooting guard, set it up punch 15 fist. 

When you come out on the court it will only take two button presses and you will be able to shoot wide open. To make sure a play like that is going to your best shooter only,  you can assign plays to a specific player by highlighting the play and hitting triangle or your controller. Assign it to anybody in your starting five or bench to guarantee they get that look. 

NBA 2K21 Tips Learn to Stop

Learning how to stop on a dime is an important NBA 2K21 MT tip for Myteam. Basketball is a fast-paced back and forth game and in the midst of all the chaos. Therefore, it’s hard sometimes to settle down for a second on the stick to pull up for a standstill shot, while trying to avoid an incoming defender disrupting it. As we all have had one shot that went left quickly because we pulled up for an off-balance cleaner when we didn’t want to. 

It’s important NBA 2K21 tricks know how to stop your player completely in the open space. To set your feet and shoot and you do that by tapping lt or l2 on your controller or attempt a crossover by flicking the right stick to your off-ball hand quickly. If you are done successfully, your player will be put into the position to quickly rise up and shoot if you want. Avoiding the unwanted leaning shots of brick that can ruin many fast breaks.

NBA 2K21 Tips Choose Right Badges

Badges are very important in games, without carrying badges is the same as driving cards without wheels. What badges you should be using or how to earn badges fast? As a result, the best NBA 2k21 beginner tips for badges is to go Mycareer offline game mode, in order to get some badges. Usually, Mycareer is the best way to get a decent amount of badges, though the process will be boring. The next step is to go to the park, grind the rest of the badges in the park.