An illusionist is a person who performs tricks that cheat an eye. They perform such kinds of tricks where an object seems to appear and disappear. They make many impossible things happen. For example, a person has been disappeared or been cut in half. It is quite different from a magician.


A magician is the one who shows evil things in order to do illusions,
whereas an illusionist is the one who uses tricks and does things that look like magic to people. They do grand works like disappearing humans or vehicles. Whereas magicians work on a smaller scale.

UK illusionist performs tricks and magicians hallucinate people.


  1. The Distractionist
  2. Martin John
  3. Jason Steele
  4. Close Up magician
  5. Carlos Worth
  6. Blake Dawes
  7. Noel Qualter
  8. Gary Haigh
  9. Paul Dawson
  10. Thomas Dixon


The Distractionist runs the show named “TABLE MAGIC”. If you are looking for something unique to make your formal dinner entertaining then the Distractionist is the perfect host. He is highly experienced who will make every moment of your function enjoyable. He actually shows magic on a table, he is popular for table magic tricks. From walk-around magic at a cocktail party, and at wedding dinners, the Distractionist will give an unforgettable performance. The Distractionist is available for private parties as well.


Martin John runs the show named “Hilarious and truly amazing comedy stage magic show”, which is seen on BBC 1 and channel 4 in the UK and all over the world even in cruise ship theatres. This magician is also known as the Magic circle magician. He is a highly energetic, entertaining, and hilarious comedian. His highlighted events are:
1. Performed on BBC 1 “The Apprentice” in 2017
2. Performed LIVE on channel 4 “The Last Leg” in 2015
3. Performed at over 2000 events worldwide.
4. 17 year of experienced comedian
5. Headlined over 100 cruise ships worldwide.


Jason Stelee runs the show named “Awad Winning Magic and Illusion Show”. Jason Stelee has been performing magic for 30 years and he is the best illusionist and a good performer and he has performed at many events, many parties and at many functions as well.  He had worked with many celebrities in the UK which includes Sophie Ellis Bexter, Les Dennis, Kylie Minogue, Britney Speras, and Elton John. Jason has been working with his assistant Joanne for 17 years around the UK and Europe.


Close up magician is also known as BBQ magician. His real name is Josh Maddocks and he is a professional magician in many cities in the Uk. He travels all over the country to perform all kinds of events. He is very well known for his performance and he has also worked with many brands like Red Bull and Nissan. He has hosted many outdoor events as well. He performs close up magician that is sure to leave guests shocked and amazed.


Carlos worth is also known as a Children’s entertainer. His magic show is of 45 minutes and it is full of laughter, fun, and interactions, it includes comedy magic and puppet act as well to entertain children. His shows are great for any type of event where children, as well as adults, need entertainment. Those 45 minutes are very enjoyable for children and adults. His shows are also called great family entertainment. He is a favorite among celebrities and children, he performs for celebrities also like for football teams, big brother, dancing on ice and many others as well. His show is very suitable for a family audience.


Blake Dawes is also known for “wedding package, mind reader and magician”. He is a relaxed guy and he is smart in making guests feel at ease. He can mix, mingle, and can get engaged with as many guests. He is smart in making wedding events more enjoyable and charming. He is able to predict thoughts, baffle with card tricks, and can even unlock phone codes. He can even read the minds of people that what exactly a person wants on that day. He is a good performer to make the big day memorable.


Nowadays life has been so serious for each and every person, so we need someone to make us laugh or to entertain us, for this many illusionists are available to show some magic to make us feel good. What we have to do is just book them a few days before our event to make our event memorable.