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Back-to-school Guide for 2022

As children have started going back to school after the recent reopenings, it is necessary to buy all the back-to-school supplies to stay updated and work productively. Items like book covers, stationery, water bottles, etc., are essential for every school-going child. Since the pandemic has introduced new fears and restrictions, children need to be extra cautious while purchasing and using their supplies. Limit sharing with peers and ensure getting all the essential elements before school starts this year.

Here is a list to purchase to ensure no supplies are missing this academic year!


The first item to buy on every child’s list is a backpack. The trendy ones get the most applause. One must consider their bags after looking for space and storage capacity. Teenagers need to look for large bags to fit all their needs. Trolley bags are the newest trend that children can indulge in. These bags with wheels have been around for a bit and are liked by younger kids at school.

One can find their favourite heroes and pictures printed on the bags. Some companies even allow customization. Some older children like purchasing tote bags when they do not need to carry many items to school. Look for qualities like waterproofing, stitching, and similar features that make it durable and functional.


This section includes covers for all the stationery. Trendy book covers are liked by younger children and provide a fun experience while using their books. One can find reusable sheets that help them cover easily without spending much time on them. These come pre-cut in appropriate shapes and have a multitude of designs for a child to choose from.

Some children like covering their files, too. This assortment helps them figure out the subject and organize it better. Young children have covers for sharp objects and sharpeners for a safe experience. Find book covers of different sizes to stay prepared for any notebook.

Lunch bags, boxes, and bottles:

Buying lunch essentials is essential to school life. Safe boxes that do not contain toxins and keep the food fresh are a necessity. Find hotboxes to keep the food warm and bottles that maintain the water’s temperature. Invest in good quality to ensure proper health at all times. A durable lunch bag is needed for those who carry heavy lunches. These bags can easily rip if not of the best quality.

Steel boxes and bottles are the best picks since they are free of toxins and keep the food warm. They also resist damage and do not break easily. One can find colourful variants among these, coated with matte surfaces for a better feel. Tupperware and other safer reusable plastics are trusted and liked for their features, too.


Buying the right stationery ensures a hassle-free school session. Items like pens, pencils, sharpeners, and erasers are a primary necessity. Additional elements like markers, whiteners/correction pens, and similar ones can help study effectively. Post-it notes are essential to keep track of homework and other small errands to run. One never knows when they need a paperclip.

Apart from these mainstream needs, one can buy paints, colours, glue, scissors, electronic gadgets (if any), binders, and other such elements. Carry pouches and kits to separate the stationery and keep them organized.

Girls need to carry their period supplies for a safe time at school. Covid has made it necessary to carry hand sanitiser everywhere and use it often. Buy masks and wear two if needed. Disinfectants can keep the supplies spick and spack after each usage.

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