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Baby filmed while being forced to vape posted on a Facebook page

Scandalous moment another baby is filmed vaping while sitting on an adult’s lap, after two previous videos of the disgusting practice surfaced.

  • Another video shows a baby forced to vape
  • It follows three other similar videos.

Another disgusting video of a baby being forced to vape has surfaced online.

The video was shared on Facebook by Northern Territory media company The Mango Inquirer on Saturday.

It shows a small child sitting on a woman’s lap while another person tries to force a vaporizer into his mouth.

At one point, the boy tries to turn his head, but is forced to face the camera again and is held in place while the other person puts the vaporizer in his mouth.

Seconds later, the baby is seen coughing up steam.

Images of baby being forced to vape (above) surfaced online Saturday

The footage appears to be a social media “flashback” from December 3, 2022, and was captioned “this part though (sic)” with laughing emojis.

Northern Territory Police are aware of the video and urged anyone with information to contact police on 131 444.

It has not been confirmed where it was originally filmed.

Dozens of commenters below the video were horrified to see the little boy being exposed to vaping.

‘Oh, this is just sick. Some people shouldn’t have kids,’ wrote one person.

‘Disgusting act. Direct and direct child abuse,” said another.

‘Nauseating. That poor baby! wrote a third person.

‘What’s wrong with people?’ another commented.

The new video comes just weeks after two other videos of a child being forced to vape surfaced.

Most recently, videos showed a girl vaping alongside a woman who is a relative of the boy from Ceduna, on the southwest coast of South Australia.

Some of the images are captioned with laughing emojis.

In the first video, the boy, who is small enough to have a pacifier, vapes next to the woman, blowing steam into the camera.

It comes just weeks after three more videos of young children being forced to vape were shared (pictured, 11-month-old Lebron being vaped by his mother)

It comes just weeks after three more videos of young children being forced to vape were shared (pictured, 11-month-old Lebron being vaped by his mother)

In the second, a hand reaches forward and hands the baby a vape before the girl casually inhales and exhales.

Before that, mother Annie Donovan, 16, of the New south Wales mid-north coast, has apologized after a recording surfaced online of her forcing her 11-month-old baby, Lebron, to use a vaporizer.

Ms Donovan said she was unaware she was being filmed when she placed the vaporizer near her son’s mouth, but insisted she learned a “big lesson”.

“It was just a dumb joke, I put the vaporizer near him and I never thought he’d grab it, I thought I’d push him,” he told the outlet. daily telegraph.

“I know I did the wrong thing, but what people say and write to me is full, I don’t deserve it.”

Worrying facts about vaping:

Many vaporizers contain nicotine, which makes them addictive.

Vaporizers can contain the same harmful chemicals found in cleaning products, nail polish removers, herbicides, and insect repellents.

Vaporizers can leave young people at increased risk of depression and anxiety.

The nicotine in a can of vape = 50 cigarettes. Depending on the size of the vaporizer and the nicotine strength, it can be much higher.

Young people who vape are three times more likely to start smoking cigarettes.

Vape spray is not water vapor.

Vaping has been linked to lung disease.

Vapes can cause long-lasting damaging effects on the brain and physical development.

Source: New South Wales Government

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