Home Money Is there a risk that inflation will fall below 2% and then spike again? This is the money podcast

Is there a risk that inflation will fall below 2% and then spike again? This is the money podcast

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 Is there a risk that inflation will fall below 2% and then spike again? This is the money podcast

Inflation is steadily moving back towards the Bank of England’s 2 per cent target and, depending on who you listen to, may even have returned to that level in the summer.

But opinions are divided on what happens next.

Will consumer price inflation fall and remain below 2 per cent and the UK economy will be caught in another disinflationary trap, or will we see another spike as second-round effects take hold?

While economists may ponder this, it is an urgent puzzle that the Bank of England’s rate-setters must try to solve. In this podcast, Georgie Frost, Angharad Carrick and Simon Lambert look at what’s driving inflation down and where it might be heading next.

The team also looks at food prices and whether 18 months of heavy rain and recent flooding are about to start causing them to rise again.

Plus, Neil Woodford is back with a blog to “challenge consensus thinking.” What is it doing, why and is it worth reading?

The new Isa rules are intended to make things better for savers, but banks are not cooperating.

And finally, how much does your supermarket charge for a plastic or even paper bag and where does that money go?

Stories featured in this podcast episode:

> What the fall in inflation means for you: the CPI is at 3.2%. When will the Bank of England’s 2% target be reached?

> Could the recent record rains leave our supermarket shelves empty?

> Neil Woodford is back as a finfluencer: You may remember me as the ‘disgraced’ fund manager

> Will your bank or building society allow you to open more than one cash Isa?

> How much does YOUR supermarket charge for bags?

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