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Australia Post is called out over major fail that’s annoying customers

Australia Post ‘sucks’: An angry customer launches a brutal takedown of the postal service criticizing it for wasting hours of our time, its grumpy staff and the annoying act of delivery almost EVERYONE has experienced

  • A woman’s tirade unites angry Australia Post customers
  • Jenny Tian says she is terrified when she loses a package
  • Hammered Australia Post for its limited opening hours, queues

A frustrated Australia Post customer has launched an extraordinary attack on the postal service, forcing it into limited opening hours, ‘slow’ staff, long lines and the bizarre items they sell.

sidneysider jenny tian He said he is filled with dread every time he loses a package at home and has to queue at the Australian Post Office, fearing long wait times and difficult hours of operation.

“Can someone explain to me why Australia Post is so bad?” he said. “Every time I receive one of those cards (asking to enter the office) I think ‘oh no, I have been summoned to lose an hour of my life’.”

‘The staff are dressed in red and white and are delivering packages. They should feel jolly like Santa, but no, they’re as grumpy as the Grinch.

“Their personalities are as unapproachable as their opening hours.”

Sydneysider Jenny Tian (above) criticized Australia Post staff for being ‘cranky’, saying collecting parcels is like being ‘summoned to waste an hour of my life’

Ms Tian also commented on the odd selection of products to buy at Australia Post outlets, which can range from books to household items.

“They have, like, air fryers and bread makers and coffee machines for sale,” he said.

“I came here to pick up a package, not kitchen appliances.”

Hundreds of viewers agreed with her in the comments.

“I wonder how I missed the delivery when I haven’t left home in a month,” wrote one person, an experience many Australians living in a major city could relate to.

“It’s a nightmare when you get a pickup slip for a package that easily fits in the letter slot, but instead they waste 20 minutes,” said another.

“They need to (sell) the appliances to keep you in the store or you would see the line and walk out and say I don’t need the package,” a third person wrote.

A fourth commented: “I always get these, even when I’ve been home all day I never hear a thump.”

Hundreds of frustrated Australians voiced their comments about Australia Post's long lines (above)

Hundreds of frustrated Australians voiced their comments about Australia Post’s long lines (above)

People also commented on the odd items on sale at Australia Post offices, saying 'they keep you in the shop or you'd see the line and leave' (pictured, toys on sale at Australia Post)

People also commented on the odd items on sale at Australia Post offices, saying “they keep you in the shop or you’d see the line and walk away” (pictured, toys on sale at Australia Post)

Adding to the frustrations is the fact that the company’s eight top executives and 362 non-executive employees received about $24 million in taxpayer-funded bonuses in the last fiscal year.

Another frustrated customer, Teddy bearshared his own video calling the office “the worst customer service in Australia”.

“Australia Post, this is the only place that will have you waiting in line for 30 minutes just to get you to the front and not have any sense of urgency,” he said.

It’s like the more frustrated you were, the slower they would work. Taking his sweet time.

Australian TikToker Teddy (above) said it's frustrating to visit the Australian Post Office because

Australian TikToker Teddy (above) said it’s frustrating to visit the Australian Post Office because “the more frustrated you are, the slower they work.”

‘Bro, I’ve been in line so long I bought a deep fryer and a Foo Fighters CD. Can we get something in a hurry? There’s more action in a graveyard than in this store.

Hundreds of commenters backed Teddy and complained about their own experiences with the Australia Post.

“AusPost – You are sent to fill out a form and have to start the alignment process all over again,” said one commenter.

“Australia Post only puts one or two people on the record,” wrote another.

“Can we point out that we’re in line at AusPost because their couriers can’t wear bells?” said a third person.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Australia Post for comment.


Postal executives in Australia raised millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded bonuses in the last financial year.

The company’s eight top executives took home about $556,579 each, worth $4.45 million.

Australia Post CEO Paul Graham was the top earner with a base salary of $1.15 million and a bonus of $885,022.

Graham is the executive behind a controversial suggestion to end daily letter delivery in a bid to cut losses.

Australia Post’s annual report showed that a further $24 million in bonuses were awarded to 362 non-executive employees.