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“Aussie receives $90 fine from Port Adelaide council for violating parking regulations”


Outrage after dude is fined $90 for a common parking act most Aussies do: Council is slammed like a bunch of ‘money suckers’

  • Driver shared photo of his car
  • It was kind of parked in the driveway
  • He was fined $90

A man has revealed how he was fined $90 for parking barely a foot above his girlfriend’s driveway.

The stunned driver shared a photo of his parked car and said he had been fined by Port Adelaide council.

The photo, taken on April 10, showed his car barely approaching his girlfriend’s driveway.

The stunned driver asked Adelaide Reddit users if they’d experienced anything similar — and received mixed responses.

The photo, taken April 10, shows the man’s car barely approaching his girlfriend’s driveway

The man said: ‘I was fined $90 for parking about a foot above my girlfriend’s driveway by the Port Adelaide council. Anyone have experience with such a thing?

‘Just to add to the annoyance, the car in front of me was parked across two spaces and it was a busy street due to the holiday.

“I practically had no choice but to park something across the driveway.”

One user replied, “I’d argue it’s insignificant. You’re not blocking the driveway and you’re visiting the residents of that driveway.’

Another said: ‘The Port Adelaide council does this often, it is absolutely not acceptable. Myself and some of my close neighbors also had to pay this fine. All I can say is they’re just money suckers.’

While a third said, “Don’t say you’re parked in the driveway because you’re not.” You are not blocking any part of the driveway. I would certainly contest this.’

Others, however, were less sympathetic, saying the driver was clearly wrong.

‘Sorry mate, the rules say you can’t park over a driveway, no matter how small the margin. Unfortunately your photo proves the council right, we should probably just learn from this and move on.’

Another said, ‘Oh no, the consequences of your actions, how awful.

“Parking in front of people’s driveways is something that needs attention, enough of you hoons think you can do whatever you want.”

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Port Adelaide council for comment.

According to the council’s website, a vehicle can park up to the edge of a driveway, but not over it.

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