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Aussie Jack Robinson wins the Margaret River Pro

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Aussie Jack Robinson wins the Margaret River Pro

Australia’s Jack Robinson won a spectacular men’s final at the Margaret River Pro against Hawaii’s two-time world champion John John Florence in a repeat of their 2022 final of the same event.

Robinson and Florence were the two in-form surfers of the event and traded huge carvings on the double walls as the waves finally improved on the final day of the 11-day competition window.

The decisive moment came midway through the final when Robinson scored an excellent 9.10 out of 10 on two huge turns on the biggest wave of the day and followed it up with a high front air on the next wave for an 8.17.

Florence continued to fight and put together an excellent wave of her own, but was unable to defeat the Western Australian, who finished with 17.27 of 20 to Florence’s 16.04.

“That was the final I wanted, I wanted to give it my all. It’s always fun to surf against John; we’re going to have a lot more heats together,” Robinson said.

The world tour heads next to the Teahupo’o tubing in Tahiti, where both Robinson and Florence will be among the favorites fighting for Olympic gold in just a few months.

Florence earlier scored the event’s only perfect 10 in his semi-final against Australian wildcard George Pittar, whipping off his tail and hanging on to his board with one toenail before recovering for a couple more laps.

In the women’s final, Hawaiian surfer Gabriela Bryan shared a wave with a pod of dolphins as she won her first world championship over Californian rookie Sawyer Lindblad.

Both Bryan, 22, and Lindblad, 18, had to go deeper into Margaret River to avoid the mid-season cut and secure their spot for the remainder of the 2024 tour.

Lindblad came into the final in top form, having dispatched two-time world champion Tyler Wright in their semi-final to secure his place above the cut line.

Bryan took a commanding lead with a 7.83 on two powerful spins on his forehand as a handful of dolphins swooped around him.

“When I kicked out, it felt amazing! That wave was sent to me by someone, the dolphins on it. It was magical,” said Bryan, who earned an even better score of 8.10 on his second scoring ride.

“I’m really happy that we had good waves today and that all the girls put on a really good show. It’s crazy, I just won.”

Both the men’s and women’s fields will be eliminated for the final four events on the world tour, with 11-time world champion Kelly Slater and Australian veteran Sally Fitzgibbons among those to miss out.

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