Aussie football fans say conditions at FIFA World Cup in Qatar are so bad they want to LEAVE EARLY

Aussie football fans say conditions at FIFA World Cup in Qatar are so bad they want to LEAVE EARLY

Australian rules football fans say conditions at World Cup are so bad they want to LEAVE EARLY: ‘Our apartment has been flooded with sewage two days in a row’

Fed up Australian fans are thinking of returning home, although the Socceroos still have two games to go in the FIFA World Cup as accommodation problems, long lines and fan abuse become too.

There have been many reports of serious problems in the fan villages set up for the crowds of soccer fans who have flocked to Qatar for the World Cup.

While many Australians are having the time of their lives enjoying Qatari hospitality, the experience has been a nightmare for others.

Disgruntled fans try to register at one of the fan villages as long lines form in the middle of the night. Scenes like this are proving too much for some Socceroos fans.

Visitors To The World Cup Await Their Accommodation At 3.12 In The Morning.

The Crowds Continued To Grow As Officials Scrambled To Match Guests To Their Rooms.

World Cup visitors await their accommodation at 3:12 a.m. as the crowd continued to grow as officials struggled to match guests to their rooms.

Qatar World Cup officials are offering full refunds and new accommodation for fans who have been waiting all night for their rooms to be ready, only to experience leaking bathrooms, sewers and no hot water.

There have been reports of frustrating problems at Free Zone Fan Village, Barwa Barahat Al Janoub housing unit, Fan Village Cabins Zafaran and Saffron Fan Village.

One Of The Display Screens In A Fan Village Where Technicians Are Working Just Before A Match Starts

One of the display screens in a fan village where technicians are working just before a match starts

‘Anyone else in the fan towns had a horrible experience? Leaks in bathroom causing flooding, no hot water, customer service has been overwhelmed with complaints from people,” posted an Australian fan.

‘I honestly don’t know what to do. We are considering selling our tickets and leaving early, but I think our chances of getting a refund for accommodation are low.”

Another fan said that her experience was even worse.

‘We are in the village of Baraw and our apartment has been flooded with sewage for 2 days in a row. That being said, they think they’ve fixed it now and there’s a team of cleaners here, but they said that yesterday too,” they posted.

Accommodation In The Barwa Barahat Al Janoub Housing Unit, Which Was Built Specifically For The World Cup.

Accommodation in the Barwa Barahat Al Janoub Housing Unit, which was built specifically for the World Cup.

‘We gave up and found accommodation elsewhere. If you need a boy’s number I can give it to you. He is a property manager and rents out furnished apartments by the month, but only stay as long as he needs. Is the same price.

Australian fans aren’t the only ones who have had enough.

Accommodation In Barwa Barahat Al Janoub Housing Unit Appears Unfinished

Accommodation in Barwa Barahat Al Janoub housing unit appears unfinished

International fans have also vented online, saying there were not enough buses, air conditioning units were failing and no booked and paid accommodation was provided.

‘The fan village in #Zafaran is on par with being a refugee camp. The #Supreme Committee hasn’t thought of this, it puts an even clouded view of why @FIFAWorldCup is hosting Qatar,’ one fan posted.

“Half the population of a country staying for a month was never going to be achieved.”

The Fan Booths In Zafaran Fetched High Prices Despite Their Size And Fans Had To Wait All Night For Access

The fan booths in Zafaran fetched high prices despite their size and fans had to wait all night for access

Many Fans Have Not Been Impressed With The Management Of Fan Villages, Where They Face Delays In Accessing Their Accommodation, If It Is Ready.

Many fans have not been impressed with the management of fan villages, where they face delays in accessing their accommodation, if it is ready.

Another posted in the early hours of the morning to reveal that they still couldn’t get into their room, along with hundreds of others, and this was just in the last few days, not the run-up to the tournament.

‘Delegation of management in the town of Azafrán. Hundreds of fans who have reservations have not received their rooms under the pretext that there are no rooms available and there are no double rooms?’ they published

‘And the situation is as it is today, Morocco, with no solution. Chaos after chaos and the staff are very bad.’

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