Apple Music has surpassed 60 million subscribers, says Eddy Cue

Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue says Apple Music has surpassed 60 million subscribers, according to an interview with the French media site Numerama. This milestone adds 10 million more subscribers to the last known figure that was shared in April and reported that Apple Music has more listeners than Spotify in the US. (However, Spotify has 100 million subscribers worldwide.)


"Apple Music is the number one streaming service in the Apple ecosystem," Cue tells the publication. It's easy to see how Apple has been able to grow its subscriber numbers quickly in recent months. This year alone, prices were reduced in India, free music streaming was offered by American Airlines and addicted Shazam users free Apple Music tests after the Grammy Awards. Meanwhile, Spotify has continued to collaborate with various companies to bundle its service, including companies such as The New York Times, Hulu, Samsung and Starbucks.

Apple Music is also expected to replace iTunes (the part of the music organization) on the desktop when macOS Catalina is launched in the fall.

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