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Apple and Samsung dominate the best selling phone lists for 2019

Apple produced the two best-selling phone models in the world last year, the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, according to reports from Counterpoint investigation and Omdia. The second position of the iPhone 11 was particularly impressive, since the phone was only a little more than three months on sale in 2019. However, there were major regional differences, with a Samsung phone that won Europe and an Oppo that held the top position in China.

The difference between the bestsellers in North America and Europe is particularly striking. In the first, Apple dominated completely. Each of the five best-selling phones in the region was an iPhone ranging from the iPhone 8 budget to the premium iPhone 11 Pro Max flagship. That is not really a surprise with the possession of Apple around 50 percent of the US market share. In Europe, however, Samsung’s mid-range A-series devices took the lead. The best-selling phone in Europe was the Galaxy A50, and phones from the series consisted of three of the five best-selling handsets (Apple’s the other two).

Apple’s phones dominated the top five in North America, while Samsung occupied three of the top positions in Europe.
Image: Counterpoint Research

The top ten worldwide was filled in the same way with Samsung and Apple handsets, although it is interesting to see that none of Samsung’s flagship telephones managed to do it. However, Omdia and Counterpoint Research differ slightly from the exact models that were the bestsellers. Omdia reports that Apple had five models in the top ten, Samsung four and Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 one. Meanwhile, Counterpoint Research says that six of the top ten phones were iPhones, three mid-range handsets from Samsung, and the last handset was Oppo’s A5, which is said to be in first place in China.

Omdia reports that the global top 10 was filled with Apple and Samsung devices.
Source: Omdia

Counterpoint’s Research sketches a weaker image for Huawei, which it says has failed to get a single handset in the top ten worldwide. The closest was the Huawei P30, the fifth best-selling phone in China, behind handsets from Oppo and Vivo.

That does not mean that Huawei has generally done poorly. All analysts agree that the Chinese manufacturer was the second-best-selling smartphone manufacturer in the world in 2019, behind Samsung and for the first time for Apple, as its shipments increased between 2018 and 2019.