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Another gambling scandal in Major League Baseball, Rhys returns to Philly & listener mailbag

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For the second time this year, a major betting scandal has been uncovered in Major League Baseball that includes four players suspended for one year and one receiving a lifetime ban. Although the names are not as notable as in the previous scandal, the MLB made a quick and shocking decision about these five players.

Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman break down the scandal and include some background on Tucupita Marcano, who received a lifetime ban, and why his punishment was much harsher than the other four players included in this report. Additionally, they analyze why the MLB had to set an example for these players.

Later in this episode of Baseball Bar-B-Cast, Jordan talks about attending the Los Angeles Dodgers-Pittsburgh Pirates game on Tuesday night, where Tyler Glasnow returned to PNC Park as a completely different pitcher, and Jake talks about why Rowdy Tellez. has earned the ire of Pirates fans.

Jake and Jordan then address Rhys Hoskins’ return to Philadelphia. Gerrit Cole’s first rehab start in AA and opens the listener mailbag answering why fans can’t vote for pitchers for the All-Star Game, who is the head referee for the nastiest in the sport and much more. further.

(1:51) – Another gambling scandal

(22:46) – Dodgers-Pirates Showdown

(26:49) – Wrath of Rowdy Tellez

(31:32) – Rhys’s return to Philadelphia

(33:36) – Gerrit Cole begins rehab

(34:47) – Listener Emails

(38:30) – Voting of pitchers for the All-Star Game

(44:40) – Villain Referee Number One

(47:06) – The funniest double play combo

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

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