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Arenas downplays Steph’s greatness with odd Iverson comparison

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Arenas downplays Steph's greatness with odd Iverson comparison

Arenas downplays Steph’s greatness with strange comparison to Iverson originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Steph Curry regularly has made comparisons Hall of Famer Allen Iverson, but one pundit is using the great Philadelphia 76ers to discredit the two-time NBA MVP.

Three-time All-NBA point guard Gilbert Arenas reasoned that Curry doesn’t face the same defensive attention as Iverson during a heated debate on his podcast, “GilsArenaShow“.

“He (Iverson) himself demanded the five people,” Arenas proclaimed.

Arenas’ bold statement quickly met with resistance from former NBA guard Brandon Jennings, who explained how difficult it is to guard Curry.

“Every time Steph passes half court, she demands everyone’s attention,” Jennings responded. “You’re not going to let Steph Curry pass half the court with the ball, you’re going to have to protect him. It’s five guys looking at one.”

Arenas then doubled down on his stance, claiming that fellow Splash Brother Klay Thompson would average 30 points per game if he played with Iverson instead of Curry.

“Steph wasn’t fast like Allen Iverson,” Arenas replied. “You can attack him and he’ll try to hit you. Allen Iverson, you’d have to double or triple the team. If he was there, we don’t give a damn who you were. Over there, great. We’re here. If Klay was with Allen Iverson, he’d be averaging 30 “.

While Arenas staunchly defended his bold claim, plenty of evidence points to Curry receiving all the attention of the opposing defense’s game plan, with the 10-time All-NBA point guard being praised regularly for the “gravity” he possesses and that opens opportunities for his teammates.

Curry has not only changed the game with his unprecedented shooting, but also the fear his limitless range instills in opposing defenses with his ability to drain shots from distances never seen before.

While Arenas is certainly entitled to his own opinion, it’s easy to see why Jennings quickly refuted his claims that Curry hasn’t seen the same level of defensive attention as Iverson. It’s also not the first time Arenas has downplayed Curry’s greatness. after recently declaring The four-time NBA champion is not a “generational talent.”

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