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Android 14: Everything about the release, features and rumors – WhatsNew2Day


Now that Android 13 is installed on most current devices, Android 14 is in the starting blocks. In this article we explain which important features come with the new update and why Android 14 is taking small steps.

When will Android 14 be released and which manufacturers will supply the update?

until Release of Android 14 it will take some time. The first beta of the new Android version is currently taking place.

Pixel 4a users or newer can participate in the beta. All other smartphone owners will have to be patient. The last beta phase will take place in July. A release from August 2023 is therefore likely.

Android 14 will be for the current ones Smartphones from well-known manufacturers like Motorola, Lenovo, OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi or Google appear. Google’s new Pixel Tablet may be released with Android 13, but it will most likely receive an update.

More security and better integration of third-party stores

Android 14 introduces a handy Feature for more security one, with which your apps no longer have to free up all your memory. Instead, the app only gets access to one folder. As a result, your music app can no longer access your pictures, for example.

However, that’s not the only new feature designed to improve security. With Android 14, Google is introducing another innovation: All apps that have not been updated since Android 5.1 can no longer be installed.

According to Google, the reason for this step is increased device security, since attackers can then no longer exploit vulnerabilities in older apps.

Still received Third Party App Storeslike F-Droid, with Android 14 more rights in the operating system, which makes them work as well as the Play Store.

For example, third party app stores will be able to see if you are using an app that you installed using the alternative app store in the future. If there are any updates for the app, these will only be carried out when you are no longer using the application.

New notifications and better navigation

The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen can be switched to transparent on Android 14. This makes a larger part of the screen visible.

Another new feature, called Flash notificationsrevolves around notifications. If you receive a notification, your flashlight on the back of your smartphone will light up briefly in the future to draw your attention to the notification.

The new feature also allows a visual notification when you are actively using your smartphone. When you receive a notification, your screen lights up briefly in a color you set.

The feature is very useful for people who are hard of hearing.

The new Pixel Tablet will be released with Android 13.  Will probably get an update to Android 14 though.

The new Pixel Tablet will be released with Android 13. Will probably get an update to Android 14 though.

The Back function in Android also gets an update. If you want to go back to a previous screen on your Android smartphone, it is sometimes unclear what to expect there.

The new Back feature lets you preview the previous screen as you swipe back.

Regarding the user interface, there are some minor changes with Android 14. However, nothing will change in Material You Design with Android 14.


Exclusive to Pixel devices could be a new feature called Emoji Lab come. In the Emoji Lab users can select up to 14 emojis. The smartphone then generates screen backgrounds based on your input.

In addition, the following innovations are rumored:

  • Android 14 could introduce a featurewhich lists all pre-installed apps from the smartphone manufacturer, for example Samsung, and makes it easier for you to uninstall the relevant apps.

Emoji Lab is certainly a nice gimmick to quickly create new wallpapers.  Image source XDA Developers.

Emoji Lab is certainly a nice gimmick to quickly create new wallpapers. Image source XDA Developers.

  • In the future it should still be possible to use certain apps with the feature clone apps to clone. You can use it to clone Whatsapp, for example, and then log in with two different accounts.
  • When the feature comes, however, it must first be activated by the developer of the app. Google itself disables the feature for most self-developed apps.
  • Android 14 might Simplify the use of E-SIM cards. In the future it might be possible to copy the physical sim card and save it as an e-sim in Android 14. This is particularly useful in combination with another new feature, with which your mobile phone automatically uses the (E-)SIM card that currently has the best reception.

Android 14 is taking small steps

With Android 14, Google is refining the Android operating system and bringing rather smaller new features and updates to existing functions. You will therefore look in vain for a complete revision of the Material You design.

One thing can therefore be said with a high degree of probability: If you are happy with Android 13, you will probably be happy with Android 14 as well.

Until the release of Android 14, more new features will certainly appear. We will therefore update this article regularly with the latest information. Do the features described here sound interesting to you? What do you think of the rumours? Which feature do you still want for Android 14? Write us your opinion in the comments.

The author of what'snew2day.com is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the latest news and information.

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