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An imminent collaboration between Fortnite and the Transformers title in Season 3


Fortnite is one of the biggest games that is very popular among a considerable number of players around the world, which has managed to attract a lot of fans not only because it is fun, but also because it contains a lot of amazing co-ops. Fortnite has partnered with Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and many more major companies which has led to some great events. Many other games have tried to do the same and while they are successful, they are hardly as ambitious as Fortnite.

Season 3 of Chapter 4 also seems to contain some interesting collaborations. We got a new leak that reveals the new loading screen with a character from Transformers. Given the size of the characters themselves, we don’t know if they are playable characters or characters in the world designed for story events.

Perhaps there will be an event that makes these characters playable, because Transformers as characters are much larger than other characters in the game in terms of size and it will be somewhat easier to kill them due to the presence of many weaknesses, and it seems that Optimus Prime is coming to the game on the occasion of the launch of the movie Transformers: Rise of the beasts.

Either way, we’ll likely see an announcement soon given the timing of the new season, and it would make sense to see some abilities from the Transformers series. Game Fortnite It is a type of battle royale game, where 100 players are placed on one island, and the winner is the last one remaining. The game is free and available on PC as well as all home platforms.

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