Amber Davies in pictures: the Love Island star squeezes the neckline in a tight top

Amber Davies wears a small crop top

Amber Davies won Love Island 2017 when she joined Kem Cetinay.

The couple split about four months after completing the show.

The series of appointments has been a great success for the 21-year-old, who has won over £ 1 million for personal appearances, and a brilliant contact with the ModelRocks clothing line.

When arriving at the celebration of the 30th birthday of Emmerdale star, Adam Thomas, the Welsh girl captured the attention of the photographer with his cheeky set.

Before leaving, the dark bomb caused a storm for a set of Instagram images.

By accumulating more than 47,000 "likes" for an image, Amber said Manchester was ready.

In the image, the talented former dancer exuded sexual attraction, showing a pout for her fans, before looking more serious to wear her outfit.

Putting on a striking display, the former circus entertainer came out at night with a small short top, which showed the toned physique of her gym.

Adorning in a festive outfit, Amber captivated with a pair of gold pants, lace-up boots and an elegant ponytail.


POUT WITH CLOUT: Amber Davis from Love Island showed a sexy pout for her fans

Amber Davies teases fansAMBER DAVIES / INSTAGRAM

POUT WITH CLOUT: Amber Davis from Love Island showed a sexy pout for her fans

Amber Davies flaunts her toned abs in a crop topAMBER DAVIES / INSTAGRAM

EYE-POPPING: Amber Davies captivated in a small crop top for Adam Thomas's birthday

Her 1.7 million followers could not wait to share their thoughts, and one of them congratulated her on the choice of color: "Gold is the best color".

Another said effusively: "Damn, always looking good."

While many admired his style of fashion, a third was surprised: "Everything is on fire."

Shaking her gaze at the Menagerie Bar, she licked all the attention of the photographers.

Amber Davies dresses in golden pantsAMBER DAVIES / INSTAGRAM

FASHION DIVA: Amber Davies impresses fans with his golden pants on Instagram

Adding to the spirit of the party, Amber posed with the star of Love Island in 2016, Katie Salmon, for a set of playful images.

The reality television queen Katie Salmon embraced Amber in a matching gold minidress, flaunting her sexy pins.

Looking as if she had left Strictly's dance floor, Miss Salmon waved her booty for all to see, causing a total fusion of the fans.

Amber Davies poses a storm in a small crop topSPLASH NEWS

POSING A STORM: Amber Davies licked the attention of photographers

All eyes were on the low cut top of Amber DaviesSPLASH NEWS

MARCH: All eyes were on Miss Davis' low-cut neckline

Amber Davies looked hot at the partySPLASH NEWS

TEASE: Amber Davies shows a sensual look on the lens

Amber Davies showed her butt in tight pantsSPLASH NEWS

BOOTY FLASH: Amber Davies turned to show her curved derriere

Amber Davies posed with Katie SalmonSPLASH NEWS

PURE GOLD: Amber Davies and Katie Salmon combine with golden outfits at the birthday party

Katie Salmon showed her booty SPLASH NEWS

PLAYER: Katie Salmon showed her booty to the cameras

Chyna Elli joined the partySPLASH NEWS

CREW OF ISLAND OF LOVE: Not only Love Islander Chyna Elli also attended the party

Chyna Elli sizzled in a tight outfitSPLASH NEWS

PVC: Chyna Elli dazzled with a tight PVC blouse and adhered to the pants to match