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Amazon shoppers love this lightweight and super soft fleece jacket – and it’s now reduced to $21

The ‘perfect’ summer cover-up: Over 30,000 Amazon shoppers love this lightweight, super-soft fleece jacket — and it’s on sale with prices starting at just $11.50

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If you enjoy eating, drinking and entertaining outside in the summer, it’s a good idea to have extra layers on hand, because there’s nothing worse than shivering when the temperature drops.

The Amazon Essentials Soft Fleece Jacket has gathered a whopping 24,000 five-star reviews on Amazon from shoppers who love how the jacket keeps them covered, while feeling breathable and soft against the skin.

And now it’s reduced to just $11.50 in some colors, this summer fleece is an affordable backup option to keep in your bag or tie around your waist, even if you don’t feel the need to put it on.

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This lightweight, high-collar fleece will extend your nights out this summer, giving you a cozy boost to keep socializing outside after the sun has gone down.

It fits perfectly so it’s not bulky at all and it also feels breathable so you feel how you started the night, just warmer.

And it’s available in 39 shades, from neutrals to pastels to bold colors to black and navy, meaning there’s something for everyone. Certain colors start from $11.50, while others are a little more, but are still great value at $16 or $20.


have this cheap fleece as a backup means there is no need to cut the night short if you’ve been sun-warmed all day with a summer tank top and then get goosebumps and worse when the sun goes down.

Available in 39 different colors and patterns, there are several versatile colors to match most t-shirts and tank tops worn during the day. Choose from pale pastels and whites to brighter reds and deep greens, or even go for a checkered pattern that can be worn up or down.

Perfect over a white t-shirt or a strappy tank top, the Amazon Essentials fleece in pale pink will keep you feeling light and summery while keeping you cozy

Perfect over a white t-shirt or a strappy tank top, the Amazon Essentials fleece in pale pink will keep you feeling light and summery while keeping you cozy

The Amazon Essentials fleece has now been reduced in size and works well as a post-workout warmer and overnight top layer

The emerald green Amazon Essentials fleece suits most hair and skin tones and looks more expensive than the $13 cost

The Amazon Essentials fleece is available in 39 colors, including bright red for $15 and emerald green, which costs just $13

The lilac colored fleece is currently only $11.86 in some sizes, which is more than half the price of its original $28.99 price.

And since you can also wear it in the fall to keep out the cold, the $11.86 spend will get you an item that you can use all year round.

The lilac color Amazon Essential fleece is only $11.89 in some sizes and will brighten up your complexion

The Amazon Essentials fleece is also available in checkered prints, which combines the appeal of both a fleece and a shacket

Both the lilac and checkered Amazon Essentials fleece are under $20, with the lilac exceptionally good value at $11.89

Some of the 39,000 shoppers who use the Amazon Essentials Fleece a full five-star review appreciates the jacket’s softness, while others rave about “it’s thin but oh-so-cozy.”

Someone wrote: ‘I love that it is very soft, has great slimming seams and has nice zippers on the jacket. It even has pockets that fit my phone and wallet.’

Another added: ‘It’s thin, it’s light, it’s soft and warm. I now have it in several colors. I love how it folds up small for easy carrying.”

Amazon Essentials have really thought about summer coverage options this year with plenty of other affordable and lightweight options to bring you joy on summer evenings. Here are two more of our favorites.

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This cool, lightweight shirt is made from 100 percent cotton and can be worn over tanks or camisoles when it gets cold.

A classic white shirt can sometimes cost around $100 for something that fits you well, but this one is high quality with a crisp collar and wide cuffs for just $21.40.

It works as a top layer with pretty much all the other tops you own, so you’ll be using it a lot this summer and then wearing it alone in the fall with your favorite jeans.


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When you’re out for a night out, you need a jacket that’s extra wild and this animal print one is the perfect match. You’ll look like you’ve thought about your outfit instead of just giving it up because it got cold.

The elasticated cuffs allow you to roll up the sleeves when it’s not super cold, while the zip jacket can be left undone when you just need a little extra coverage.


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