Amazon shares break through $ 2,000, closing the gap on Apple

<pre><pre>Amazon shares break through $ 2,000, closing the gap on Apple

Amazon shares break $ 2,000 for the first time, narrowing the gap between the Internet store and the Apple competitor with a multi-billion dollar

City & Finance Reporter for the Daily Mail

Amazon shares broke $ 2,000 for the first time, closing the gap between the internet vendor and the trillion-dollar tech rival Apple.

It added £ 260 million to the fortune of boss Jeff Bezos (pictured below with his wife MacKenzie) in one day.

Last night, Amazon was worth £ 726 billion, after nearly a 70 percent increase in its shares this year.

Brian Nowak, analyst at Morgan Stanley bank, said: "We are more confident that the fast-growing, ever-increasing revenue streams from high margins will generate higher profitability and a continued upward revaluation." & # 39;

Tesco's former executive, Sir Terry Leahy, said that Amazon will overtake Apple to become the world's largest public company, because it & # 39; re-invented shopping & # 39 ;.

Bezos, 54, owns 16 percent of Amazon. Last year he overtook Microsoft's Bill Gates as the world's richest man and became the richest person in modern history in July when his fortune hit £ 115 billion. Yesterday he was worth £ 126 billion.