Allison Langdon says her husband Michael Willesee Jr. can NEVER remarry if she dies young

Allison Langdon says her husband Michael Willesee Jr. NEVER can remarry and ‘must mourn forever’ if she dies young

Today, host Allison Langdon has her husband Michael Willesee Jr. forbidden to ever remarry if she dies young.

The 43-year-old said she made the decision while filming a risky 60 Minutes segment.

“A few years ago I was diving with great white sharks on a shoot. Before I jumped in, I took off my mask and said, “Tell my husband if I die he must mourn me forever and never remarry,” she told Andy Lee when she appeared on his show The Hundred this week. .

Today, host Allison Langdon (pictured) revealed this week that she forbade her husband from ever remarrying if she dies before her time

Allison said her statement surprised her cameraman.

“I think he expected me to say something very profound,” she joked.

When deciding whether Allison’s words were a ‘d**k move’, Andy joked that it seemed rather ‘selfish’.

The 43-year-old was a guest on Channel Nine’s panel show The Hundred With Andy Lee and told the host she decided Michael couldn’t remarry as she filmed a risky clip for 60 minutes.

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Allison has been married to Michael since 2008 and the couple share a son Mack and a daughter named Scout.

She was recently absent from her co-presenting duties on Today, as she was in London to cover the Queen’s death and funeral.

The mother of two looked exhausted last week as she flew to Sydney Airport after a 24-hour flight from London.

Allison said just before filming a risky 60 Minutes segment with great white sharks, she told her cameraman to pass the message on to her husband if she didn’t make it.

Her return home followed a tiring two weeks of traveling the world, working grueling 14-hour days covering the Queen’s death for Channel Nine.

She worked so hard that at one point she fell asleep in front of the camera, although luckily the moment happened during a break from live coverage.

Exhausted, she rolled up a jacket to use as a pillow while napping on Today’s senior producer Will Hutchinson’s lap, who snapped a photo for Instagram.

Allison has been married to Michael Willesee Jr (pictured) since 2008 and shares a son and daughter with him, Mack and Scout

An exhausted Allison fell asleep in front of the camera earlier this month after working 14 grueling days covering the Queen’s death and funeral in London


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