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Allegations of Bill Gates having an affair with a Russian belle who may be linked to Russian spy Anna Chapman


A spokeswoman for the American billionaire Bill Gates admitted last week that the American billionaire, who committed suicide, Jeffrey Epstein, tried to blackmail Gates about exposing a previous relationship that the Microsoft founder had with a Russian girl during his marriage.

And there were media reports indicating that Gates had an affair with Russian bridge player Mila Antonova, who is 30 years his junior, during his marriage to Melanda Gates.

Bill and Melinda Gates announced their separation in 2021 after a 27-year marriage.

The threads of the scandal do not stop there, but extend to indicate the possibility of a relationship between Antonova and the Russian spy Anna Chapman, who was arrested in the United States on charges of espionage in 2010 before being deported to Russia during the same year.

Gates or his official spokeswoman have not commented on these reports so far.

According to US media reports, Epstein, who was charged with sex crimes and human trafficking before his suicide in prison in 2019, blackmailed Gates by demanding that he be a “principal donor” in a multi-billion dollar global charitable fund he planned to establish in return for concealing his relationship with Antonova.

The duo held more than half a dozen meetings, and Gates once traveled on Epstein’s private jet, and Gates has since said he regrets meeting the late billionaire.

In 2021, Bill Gates’ ex-wife Melinda said that she had earlier confessed to her husband about her discomfort in the relationship he had with Jeffrey Epstein.

She noted that despite her concerns, Bell did not break up with Epstein. Melinda revealed that one of the reasons for her separation from the founder of Microsoft was her refusal for her husband to hold meetings with Epstein.

Melinda confirmed that there were many reasons for her divorce, but the reason for her first separation was Bill’s relationship with Epstein, whom they met together in 2013.

The businessman and billionaire Epstein committed suicide inside his cell in 2019 after confessing to the sexual trafficking of underage girls between 2002 and 2005.

Epstein had friendships with a number of international political figures such as former US President Bill Clinton, British Prince Andrew, as well as former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

His suicide sparked a huge wave of speculation and conspiracy theories, all of which were woven around the idea of ​​a massive American scandal that should have been avoided by silencing the man forever, and by protecting prominent names and personalities from involvement in the thorny issue that would be further complicated by this sudden death.

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