All About Vision: 6 Helpful ways to Take Care of Your Eyes


Our current lifestyles do not allow us the privilege to take proper rest. We are constantly in the middle of working or going to work or coming back from work. The very few minutes that we get off work, we like to spend them on our phones fidgeting and scrolling through various items on our social media pages.

Have you ever stopped & thought what all this time spent on the phone does to your body? Of course, this has caused various health-related problems such as a bad body posture, which leads to lousy bone and nervous system. However, one of the most easily visible repercussions is the loss of good eyesight.

As a result of our long hours spent looking at a screen, a lot of us are developing eye-related illnesses. You may have noticed that you complain of dryness, irritation, pain in your eye. Every other person suffers from the problem of incorrect vision. To help you stay away from such problems or even if you already have them, you can stop the damage if you follow the following advice:

Eat green leafy vegetables:

It is no secret that green leafy vegetables are rich in nutrients such as iron, vitamin A vitamin C, etc., which are suitable for the health of your eyes. Not only are these vegetables good for your eyes, but they also have other important nutrients to help your whole body. If you choose a healthy diet, you are not only helping your eyes, but you are also doing your whole immunity a big favour.

Get yourself checked regularly.

The power of your corrective glasses is quick to change if you don’t take care of it. To be entirely sure that you are wearing the right lenses, you should get your eyes checked at a trusted eye specialist every few months. To get the right readings, you should consult a doctor such as Personal Eyes.


Like there are exercises to keep your body in shape, there are exercises to keep your eyes strong also. A simple eye roll done 20 times every few hours can help keep your eye tissues flexible and lens stretchable. With age, your eye tissues lose their flexibility causing many more vision problems. You could also do a simple exercise where you keep your pencil between both of your eyes at the tip of your nose. Now, all you’ve to do is look at the tip of the pencil as you slowly move it from left to right.

Minimising your screen time

There is no other way around it. One of the foremost reasons why most of us have eye problem these days is because we watch digital screens a lot. The screens emit blue rays, which are very harmful to your eye’s lens. So, to avoid further damage, you are going to have to follow a strict routine. Time your activity on social media and minimise it daily. Moreover, do not look at your phone every time you are bored.

Maintain eye hygiene

All of us have this bad habit of rubbing eyes whenever they are dry; instead, you should wash them with cold water. After any important surgery is done to your face, and mainly done to your eye, for example, Lasik, you should avoid splashing water on your face, this could worsen the situation and make it really uncomfortable for you. In the worst outcome, it may end up infecting the wound.

Work in an eye-friendly environment 

While there is only a limited scope of avoiding screens at work, we can make sure that the screens are comforting to your eyes. You can get eye-friendly filters for the screens, which reduce the amount of harmful light emissions. Furthermore, you should get a desk which is at the right distance from your face. Many a time, having your computer too close to yourself also causes vision difficulty.

We hope that the suggestions mentioned above help you keep your eyes healthy and safe!