Home Tech Alex Jones is now trying to divert money to his father’s supplement business

Alex Jones is now trying to divert money to his father’s supplement business

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Alex Jones is now trying to divert money to his father's supplement business

For both sets of families, the concern that Jones will allegedly loot the company on his way out remains very real. Lawyers for the families made clear during the hearing that they were ultimately seeking to preserve the value of the company to create an equitable distribution of Jones’ assets among his many, many creditors and, of course, prevent him from carrying out what that they allege. is the latest fraudulent scheme you are using to keep money hidden.

At the hearing, Jones the dissolution of the assets was ordered. Although she will be allowed to keep his house, other personal assets, such as your gun collection, could also go up for auction. But from the court rejected a bankruptcy plan for Free Speech Systems, families can now try to collect judgments they won in state court. The Connecticut plaintiffs had asked the judge to clear the way for an “orderly closure” of Jones’ businesses, as several attorneys put it, while the Texas families favored a plan to keep the company operational for now, and their lawyers They argued that in this way they could better present their clients’ claims.

In addition to touting his father’s business, in the lead-up to the hearing, Jones also wrung as much content and attention as he could from Infowars’ possible imminent nonexistence. He sat down for glowing interviews with both Tucker Carlson and Russell Brand that aired on Infowars and reflected aloud on what he called “the twilight” of the network and “the countdown to the end of this place.”

Jones’ last week of broadcasts was a huge hit with strange characters from across the conspiracy-verse. In addition to Brand and Carlson, Mikki Willis, the filmmaker behind the viral mockumentary plandemic, He also appeared with friends to promote a new project, as did Stewed Petersa far-right anti-Semitic broadcaster who has recently been appointed director of communications for an armed national militia. Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes also hosted a segment in which he ranted about Black Lives Matter.

On Friday morning, Jones posted a video of himself driving down a Texas highway toward the courthouse in X, declaring that “the Democratic Party and the Deep State” were trying to take control of his assets and social media accounts. .

“This is true tyranny,” he declared, adding that if Trump is re-elected “he will put them all in prison.”

Jones also claimed on air last week that closing Infowars would only make him more powerful. “It gets bigger by closing it, fools,” he declared. After the verdict, in an “emergency broadcast” over the weekend, Jones called the hearing “absolutely epic” and denounced allegations that he was “stealing money” as “false.”

The verdicts against Jones, Mattei told WIRED last week, were “a cathartic moment of validation. And on Friday, if the judge rules that the company must be liquidated, it will be another moment when they will feel that they have done everything they can to protect others. “They didn’t go to bed.”

But that is not, of course, what happened. “It’s just biblical,” Jones extolled over the weekend, speaking to one of his frequently replaced junior hosts. “It’s almost as if God was really entertained by all of this and just wanted to see the fight continue.”

While the families have clearly fought hard, Friday’s split ruling is instead a sign that their fight, for now, is not even close to over. And while Jones and Infowars continue to cover his unlikely survival, they continue to promote both his in-house store and Dr. Jones’ Naturals.

“We’re selling it for twelve dollars and change,” Jones said at one point during the “emergency broadcast,” extolling the virtues of a certain supplement. He stopped for a moment. “My father is.”

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