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After widespread controversy, the Lebanese government is retracting and returning to summer time


After the decision sparked widespread controversy in the country, the caretaker prime minister, V Lebanon Najib Mikati on the decision to extend work in winter time.

Miqati announced that the Council of Ministers, in its meeting on Monday, decided to return to summer work at midnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

“My power is running out”

He also pointed out in a speech he delivered after the session ended, that “every person has his ability to endure, and mine is running out,” calling on everyone to shoulder his responsibilities, according to “An-Nahar” newspaper.

The caretaker government convened, in the presence of 16 ministers, to discuss the “daylight saving time crisis”, which has taken on a sectarian character in the past few days.

An open “warfield”.

It is noteworthy that Mikati had issued a decision on Thursday to advance the timing by an hour, starting from April 20, instead of starting the daylight saving time on the last weekend of March, as was the custom in Lebanon Europe and other regions.

The decision was announced after a meeting with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who repeatedly insisted on extending winter time.

However, the political scene and social media have turned into an open “war arena” for sectarian debate over the rights of Christians and Muslims, and an opportunity for opposing political currents to exchange accusations, due to the summer time.

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