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After stunning goal: Kaminski talks about future with Schalke.


Just in time, a Bundesliga season that has gone terribly so far could get a positive turn for Marcin Kaminski. After an ongoing injury crisis, the defender only made his second start for FC Schalke 04 last Friday. However, this was crowned with success.

In the 5-2 win of Gelsenkirchen against Hertha BSC, Kaminski was not only in the starting lineup of his team for the first time since August 2022. With an outstanding free-kick goal, he netted the fifth and last goal for his colors and was celebrated by his teammates and the S04 attachment after the final whistle.

About his debut goal in the German football upper house for FC Schalke, the 31-year-old said to the Polish YouTube channel “meczyki.pl” (quoted via “WAZ”): “Yes, I train the free kicks, but recently I didn’t have any Opportunity to convert that kind of situation. Even before the game, the assistant coach told me that if there was an opportunity in the game, I should take a free-kick.”

Kaminski feels “very good” at FC Schalke 04

Kaminski, who was still an undisputed regular in the Royal Blues’ defense chain in the 2021/2022 Schalke promotion season, still firmly believes in his club staying up in the league: “The change of coach has had a big impact. Thomas Reis didn’t have that much time to inculcate his style in us at the beginning . But in January we made a few changes, including personnel ones, which were good for us.”

It is still unclear whether Kaminski himself, who moved from VfB Stuttgart to the Ruhr area in 2021, will continue at Schalke beyond the summer. Talks about a new S04 contract are currently on hold.

“There are currently no contract talks. I believe that the club is also waiting to see how the whole situation develops and in which direction. But I don’t want to wait. I want to get some information on how they plan for me. Anyway, I feel very much good at this place. If I should still play now, then it can go on like this”, Kaminski made it clear that he can definitely imagine staying at FC Schalke.

His current working paper with the Knappen expires in the summer.

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