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Addmotor New Products Coming- Full Suspension Cruiser Ebike

We are in a world where battery size, motor output, and range are usually overlooked. Addmotor is one such company that is known for making the best E-Bike. All of their previous bikes have gotten a lot of good reviews, and they have recently launched 2 of the latest e-Bikes in the market. This article will tell you about the Addmotor new product launch: Soletan M-66X Cruiser Bike, and Herotan M-65X Cruiser Electric Bike.

M-66X Cruiser Bike

The M-66X Cruiser Bike is made based on the M-66 R7. This bike has the body of the classic 1970s look and is a step-thru frame, making it ideal for people of all ages. With this e-bike, you can enjoy a relaxed ride with an old-school vibe. This bike has everything you ever wanted. You can take it to work, travel to the city with or take it to the beach with your friends. M-66X Cruiser Bike


  • Full Suspension: The M-66X Cruiser Bike is equipped with full suspension control, which makes it best for all types of terrain.
  • Color Contrast Design: This new Addmotor bike is now available with a wide range of color contrast which you can choose according to your requirements and aesthetic appeal.
  • Durable Fat Tires: The new Addmotor bike is now equipped with puncture-resistant 20′ x 4.0′ inches durable tires specially designed by Kenda.
  • EB 2.0 Light System: With the advanced and enhanced electrical system by Addmotor, you can now experience the ultimate lighting system with impressive durability.

Herotan M-65X Cruiser Electric Bike

With the 70s outstanding retro look and classic color contrasts, the Herotan M-65 Cruiser Electric Bike is one of the most enhanced and best electric bikes in the market. This bike is best for all-terrain, such as grass, snow, mountain, sand, and beaches. You can take it anywhere you want to without worrying about its battery since you can use it for a long-time after a single charge.

Herotan M-65X Cruiser Electric Bike


  • Full Suspension for a better riding experience: To keep the bike in control and comfortable, Addmotor has installed the best 6061 Aluminum alloy frame to conquer rugged terrain.
  • Color Contrasts: Other than the old-school vibe, you can now buy this e-bike with the best color combination and contrast.
  • Integrated Rear and Headlight: Powered by the battery and with uneven buttons, the lighting system in this bike will give you a 360-degree side view.
  • 5-inch LCD Display: The new Herotan M-65 Cruiser Electric Bike comes with an LCD that provides information on battery usage, lighting gauge, speed, PAS level, wattage, etc., to make your ride easier and safer.

Things To Keep In Mind When Riding E-Bikes

  • You should adjust your pedal and gear assist shifter’s position on the handlebars so that you are comfortable when it comes to making a change. Once you have adjusted them, perform a stress test by turning the handlebars to the hard left and right. If you see that the cables are stopping the handle, you will have to change the shifters.
  • When you are changing the mechanical gears, you must continue the pedal at a smooth pace. It will help you keep lowering and upping the pedal assist level. It will have the biggest effect on the momentum and cadence than doing the same with the mechanical gear.
  • Anticipate the road ahead of you, change your pedal and gear assist to level the suit what is ahead. For instance, if you see that you are approaching the uphill section, you can drop a gear or two, which will help you raise the pedal assist level.


The latest Addmotor bikes are one of the best to be released on the market. These new bikes are designed in such a way as to suit everyone’s needs irrespective of their age. If you are unsure which e-bike is the best, you should know that the Addmotor E-Bikes are great and available at cost-effective rates.