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Activision chief points out the importance of acquisitions to compete with Tencent! | -WhatsNew2Day


Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick continues to respond following the UK’s rejection of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. Kotick says more acquisitions should be allowed in the region so that companies can try to compete with behemoths like Tencent.

These comments come from a discussion with @CNBC Kotick comments on the recent setback in getting the Microsoft deal to get that sudden rejection, saying that the gaming industry needs more acquisitions, even though Microsoft has already acquired several studios over the past few years.

The President referred to the huge companies and their impact on jobs in the world, as the world is currently losing high-paid jobs, so he stressed the importance of acquisitions so that we see an increase in vacancies in huge companies and move away as much as possible from the recent obsession with layoffs.

Kotick’s words are clearly intended, as he tries to give the union a pro-labor feel. This is significant given Activision Blizzard’s general labor rights issues and allegations of workplace abuse last year, as well as its clear insinuation of letting Chinese companies take over developers without a hitch, adding at the same time. He added that Activision Blizzard will continue to create a healthy business environment if the acquisition does not eventually happen.

It’s not surprising that Kotick touched on this issue, because Activision has laid off many employees over the past months, as the Raven Software team organized a strike last year due to sudden layoffs. With this in mind, Kotick seems to indicate that this would not have happened had Activision Blizzard been brought under the umbrella of a larger company like Microsoft, along with The industry’s need for acquisitions to compete with the likes of Tencent, and thus retain employees as much as possible.

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