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According to SAMANTHA X, There is a Straightforward Reason Why Men Request This from Escorts.


Dear Ladies On reaching the age of 40, you are about to enter your sexiest decade yet. How do I know? Because “mature and curvy women” was the number one request from men when I ran my own escort agency.

She slid into high heels at the age of 37 to become Australia’s most popular escort. I spent 10 years getting to know men on a deeper level, more so than the average woman.

And here it becomes clear: men like to be mature.

The older I get, the more expensive I get. As the years went by, and I got into my late 40s, I was being charged $1,500 an hour for my time, and more in demand than ever. You think the opposite, right? I even assumed I’d get over it…


I slipped into high heels at the age of 37 to become Australia’s top escort – men love mature women

From my experiences as a lady and escort, I quickly realized that the biggest myth women feed on is that once we hit 40, we wither like plums and should fade into oblivion.

to become invisible and that part of our lives; The exciting part is over.

Well I have news for you ladies – it hasn’t even started.

The first request I got from guys wanting to see my ladies was that they wanted women over 40, with curvy figures.

A man called once, wanting to book a mature person, and complained that “all the guys just wanted sex”, while he was looking for something else, a dinner partner, someone to talk to. Another customer was tired of “table for one” in restaurants and wanted to reserve ladies who could pass for his wife, not his daughter.

When recruiting for my escort agency, a woman in her mid-60s came in for an interview let’s call her Sarah.

Sarah was a grandmother with silver hair and glasses. She anxiously clutched a shopping bag and inside it were the bras, stockings, and sexy lingerie she had just bought.

My decade in the adult industry has taught me that women get sexier after the age of 40, writes Sam X

My decade in the adult industry has taught me that women get sexier after the age of 40, writes Sam X

Curvy, perfectly normal, and of a warm demeanor, escort was always a secret desire known only to her husband (and bless him).

Sarah ends up being one of the busiest ladies around with men of all ages and all demographics wanting to spend time with her. She was so successful that she is now an independent accompanist.

her secret? Sarah didn’t have botox, she had normal breasts and body. But she exuded warmth, authenticity, and confidence. Her age wasn’t a disadvantage, it was just a draw.

Here are the top three reasons why men prefer maturity:

1 – Confidence

When people ask me what makes you good in bed, my answer always surprises them. It’s not about sex; How flexible are you, how well can you speak, and what are your oral skills.

The number one factor that makes you good in bed is self-confidence — and older women excel at that. We’ve accepted our imperfections, and we know we’re not perfect, and neither are men.


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Perfectionism intimidates men, especially young men. My escort outfit was not a dress with high heels and a face full of makeup. I was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and flat shoes. It was less intimidating. Older women are more relaxed than they are, and therefore more relaxed. Men get nervous enough.

2- Life experience

There isn’t much an older woman hasn’t gone through. Marriage, divorce, kids, work — you name it, we probably lived it. In a previous column I talked about communication as the number one reason guys see escorts.

With an older woman, there is more to connect with. We won’t put our date on Tik Tok, or sneak through dinner. When guys always open up about their divorce or kids, chances are we’ve been there, done that, and the connection is formed.

3- Older women know what they want in bed

Here’s something you might not know: Men are more interested in your orgasm then their orgasms. Older women know their bodies inside out. They have lived in it for decades.

They know what turns them on and off. They know how to pronounce it without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. There is nothing more exciting than being with a woman who knows what they want – and that comes from years of experience.

Young men love being with older women because they are learning. Older women make great teachers.

It’s not just your maturity that makes you good in bed. I also learned a few other secrets that only the escorts know… tune in next time.

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