A very sus chicken nugget in the form of a crew member sells for $99,997 on eBay


After an intense day-long bidding war, a single McDonald’s chicken nugget took the shape of one of the… Among us crew members just sold for a dazzling $99,997 on Ebay.

The little nugget got off to a humble start, trading at a respectable 99 cents on May 28. (I’d pay that much for it. Maybe even $5.) And for a while there were no bids.

But then, two days after it was first listed, someone placed an (at the time) astonishingly high initial bid of $14,869.69 on the nugget, and it just escalated from there. I recommend browsing the bidding history, it’s wild.

The completed list.
Screenshot: eBay

One factor that may have pushed the price up is that the nugget apparently comes from a BTS meal — yes, like the huge K-pop group. Maybe BTS Meal nuggets taste better?

Oh, and if you were wondering, should the buyer choose to eat the nugget? power be safe to – the seller said they would freeze the nugget and make it airtight and it would be delivered “before the expiration date”. If I were the buyer I would be careful though. The seller says that “this food product has an average best before date of about 14 days,” but I’m not sure where they get that information from.

But if the buyer wants to dip the nugget in some Szechuan sauce? They will have to ask for that. “I have Szechuan and with buyers [sic] request will send some with the nugget,” the seller said. Hard.

Let’s hope the nugget isn’t an impostor.