Home Life Style A teenager allegedly shot a 6-year-old girl with a gel gun during a DoorDash pizza delivery

A teenager allegedly shot a 6-year-old girl with a gel gun during a DoorDash pizza delivery

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 Teen Allegedly Shoots 6-Year-Old Girl with Gel Blaster During DoorDash Pizza Delivery

A 16-year-old girl is facing charges after allegedly shooting a gel gun at six-year-old Khalani Ogleetree during a DoorDash delivery in Locust Grove, specifically in the Eagle’s Brook subdivision. The girl’s family is asking for more charges against other people involved in the incident.

Khalani was outside on her scooter on Saturday when a DoorDash driver arrived to deliver a pizza to her neighbor’s house. She recalled: “They called me a loser and said bad words to me.”

Neighbor Nick Patel witnessed the incident from across the street. “These guys, I don’t know what they’re doing. She’s just looking at them, so I think they’re making fun of her, laughing at her or something,” Nick Patel told WSB-Television Channel.

Patel told Channel 2’s Candace McCowan that there were four people inside a white car, as seen on Ring camera video. After delivering the pizza, one of them got back in the car and, shortly after, Patel heard Khalani crying and saw her running toward her mother.

“She ran out the door like something had happened,” Patel said. “They sped off, made a turn and drove right through here, running the stop signs.” Khalani’s mother, Shaterica Ellis, was initially unsure of what had happened. “She was crying so hard. At first she didn’t really know what the problem was,” Ellis said.

Henry County police located the vehicle involved and charged a 16-year-old with simple assault. The teen was later released to his mother.

McCowan reached out to DoorDash, which clarified: “To be clear, this person was not a Dasher and we have deactivated the account that was misused.”

The motive for the attack remains unclear. Ellis expressed disbelief at the incident, saying: “I can’t believe they would do that to a six-year-old girl.” As for Khalani, her mother says she is still in shock and gets anxious whenever she sees a white car.

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