A photo of a little girl seemingly ‘trapped in concrete’ baffles the internet


A photo of a little girl seemingly ‘trapped in concrete’ messes up the internet – so can you fix the illusion?

  • The clever photo of a mother has ‘melted the brains’ of viewers through an optical illusion
  • The photo of the mother shows how her daughter disappears in concrete
  • People looked at the photo for hours to find out where her body was

The clever, mind-blowing photo of a mother of her young daughter appearing to be ‘set in concrete’ has left thousands of viewers desperate for an explanation.

The photo, first posted on Reddit, shows a young girl dressed in pink who seemingly disappears into the concrete while playing outside.

“My daughter, where is the rest of her?” the mother wrote in the caption – challenging people to take a closer look at the optical illusion.

A mother’s clever, mind-blowing photo of her young daughter sunk in concrete has left thousands of viewers ‘absolutely baffled’

And people were dumbfounded.

“This is a good one,” said a man who couldn’t figure it out. His comment was upvited 630 times, proving he wasn’t alone in his confusion.

‘Great OP! I have to admit I had to come to the comments for this one and still struggled a bit, ‘one woman said. Her comment was liked 3,400 times.

The incredible photo drew more than 63,000 likes on the platform and 1,200 comments.

It was later re-posted to Facebook, where it also proved popular, with over 600 people responding to it within hours.

“I’m tired of seeing this because my brain can’t fix it,” said a woman in the post.

Others said the caption added to the confusion.

Part of the reason it’s so good is that the title implies there’s still a ‘rest of her’ to be seen, so we don’t expect half of her body to be completely hidden, we expect her to be there. will go in, ‘one man explained.

While other clever problem solvers in the comments revealed the key to the illusion.

Others drew lines in the photo showing where the wall is to help others work it out

Others drew lines in the photo showing where the wall is to help others work it out

‘She’s behind a wall,’ said a man,

“The camera is higher,” said another, trying to clarify things.

But some of these descriptions didn’t help.

Anyone who saw it keeps saying ‘there is a wall’ instead of saying that the whole foreground is like a raised plateau and she’s behind it. I kept looking for a wall between the grass and the girl and it melted my brain, ‘one person said.

Others were unimpressed and found the puzzle too easy to solve.

‘I don’t have to come to the comments. I knew she was only half human, ”one woman boasted.

‘It took me a few seconds. Always look at patterns and distance if you’re really confused by a photo, ”said another.