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Monday, October 2, 2023
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A new episode of Capcom Showcase 2023 will air next week


Capcom has announced that it will be hosting a live stream next week for players to tune in and see what the Japanese publisher is preparing to offer.

The Capcom Showcase 2023 episode kicks off on Monday, June 12th and the show is expected to last around 36 minutes.

No indication of what Capcom will be focusing on during the show, but it seems likely that they’ll preview Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’s for Switch (due out later this month) and we’ll undoubtedly see more of Exoprimal.

Also likely is Niantic’s Dragon’s Dogma II, and possibly Monster Hunter Now, which is due for a September 2023 release.

Capcom’s presentation last year didn’t include any announcements of entirely new games, but it did last 30 minutes and highlighted a host of new details and downloadable content for previously announced games.

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