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A Christian, from a poor family, and black – an American Republican senator running for the presidential elections


Senator Tim Scott, a member of the US Republican Party, announced his candidacy for the presidential elections that will take place at the end of next year. Scott promised his voters to end what he described as an attack on American values ​​at the hands of President Biden’s administration, as he described it.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott announced his candidacy Friday to become the first black Republican president of the United States, pledging to fight for a return to the American way of life that he considered threatened under the rule of the Democrats.

The 57-year-old senator brings an inspiring life story to the campaign after growing up in poverty with his divorced mother to become one of the most powerful conservative leaders in the country.

“Joe Biden and the radical left are attacking everyone who helped me climb the ladder of power, and that’s why today I’m announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” he told a rally of his supporters in his hometown of North Charleston.

“As you can see, they are attacking our American values, our schools, our economy and our security. But not in my watch. It won’t work. I can’t stand by while this happens to America,” he added.

Religious Christian

Scott spent months touring states considered crucial to gaining early momentum ahead of the party primaries, emphasizing his Christian faith and being the first African-American Republican in the US Senate.

Scott joins a growing group of candidates hoping to unseat front-runner Donald Trump, but faces a tough task in countering Trump’s national popularity.

Other candidates include the Trump administration’s first ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramasbwamy and radio host Larry Elder, the first African American to enter the race.

Trump’s main challenger, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, will announce his entry on Wednesday.

Trump’s reaction

The former president, who benefits from an abundance of candidates that could lead to a scattering of anti-Trump votes, wrote on his social media platform wishing Scott luck while criticizing DeSantis.

Trump said the square “fills up quickly with a lot of people, and Tim is a big step ahead of Ron de Sanctimonius (claiming to be a pious) who can’t be elected at all.”

Scott, who is considered one of the largest fundraisers among the senators, brings with him a fund that includes about $ 22 million and the remarkable support of the second official in the Senate, John Thune, who described his friend as “the real deal.”

The former insurance company worker was expected to meet some donors and then head to Iowa and New Hampshire, where he has so far secured $6 million in advertising.

“We live in a land where it is entirely possible for a child who has grown up in poverty in a single-parent family, in a small apartment, to one day serve in the House of Representatives and perhaps in the White House,” Scott said.

“This is the greatest nation on God’s earth,” he concluded.

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