6 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Weapon Lights

Today, mostly everyone uses a flashlight, be it for an evening walk, fixing a car, or any other activities that need light. Most of the tasks that need to be done in a dimly lit area can be acquired with the help of a flashlight. 

However, not every flashlight is suitable for every situation. For example, you can’t use an EDC flashlight for tactical situations. 

Weapon lights are tactical flashlights especially made for law enforcement individuals and weapon enthusiasts. Back then weapon lights were made available only to professionals but today anyone can have them. 

Some of the cool features you will see in almost all the weapon lights are tail switch, strobe modes, better lighting options, different brightest levels, different colored lenses, and so on. 

Today, we have over 100 brands that manufacture weapon lights, and finding the right one for you is not easy. This post will help you stay away from the low-quality flashlights that are overcrowding the market. 

Narrow Down Your Search

The better you decide how and when you’re going to use the flashlight, the better your chance of finding quality weapon lights that meet your needs. 

That being said, here are a few things you should keep in mind while buying a weapon light. 

  1. Look beyond Light 

Most people think the brighter the better but that is not the case when you’re choosing a specific flashlight, especially a weapon light. Depending on how dimly the area is lit the need for light can differ. 

While deciding the brightness of a flashlight you should look at both lumens and candela. Light output is measured in lumens, and light on the target is measured in candelas. 

You could have the highest-lumen flashlight but if it has a low candela, your flashlight won’t even light up a few yards. Perfect weapon lights should have a perfect balance between lumens and candela. 

  1. Uses of Flashlight 

Understanding what you want your flashlight to do for you is one of the most important factors when choosing a flashlight. When you know how you want to use your flashlight, your search for a perfect weapon light gets way easier. 

If you want to use the flashlight for search and rescue you will need a light that can light up far distance, which means higher candela. 

On the other hand, if you need a flashlight for self-defense you should go for a higher lumen because higher-lumen flashlights can temporarily disorient a person or animal at close range. 

  1. Strobe Mode isn’t a Necessity 

Any flashlights with 300 lumens and above can effectively disorient a person. You don’t need a strobe mode feature if your flashlight has a higher lumen output. 

Strobe modes can be a good feature for some EDC flashlights, for weapon lights, the lumen is more than enough to temporarily blind a person. 

Olight has many weapon lights under their belt which feature both strobe mode and non-strobe weapon flashlights. 

  1. Switches at the Right Position 

Weapon lights can be both handheld and mountable but most of them are made to mount on a weapon. Assuming you’re buying a tactical light for your rifle, the flashlight should have a switch that is easy to access while still using the rifle. 

PL-3 Valkyrie Rail Mount Light by Olight is one of the best weapon lights on the market. This flashlight not only comes with an adjustable sliding rail but also features dual ambidextrous switches for quick and easy access to momentary and constant-on modes. 

  1. Don’t Ignore the Batteries 

Back then alkaline disposable batteries were aggressively used in almost all flashlights but today we have many options. 

When you buy a weapon light make sure it is run on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These batteries not only last longer but also offer maximum light output. 

A dual-fuel flashlight is another great option. These flashlights can run both on rechargeable and disposable batteries.  If your rechargeable batteries run out, you can simply use the normal alkaline disposable batteries as a backup. 

  1. Body Construction and Durability 

Weapon lights made of metal alloy are the most preferred flashlights by professionals. There are flashlights out there that have plastic body construction, they are less expensive but if you drop them once or twice they could stop working altogether. 

Weapon lights with metal body construction can withstand harsh climatic conditions and drop from up to 1 meter. Another important factor to look at is the IPX rating. Any flashlights with a higher IPX rating tend to have higher waterproofing ability. 

Test the Flashlight 

The best way to find out the perfect weapon light for you is to test it firsthand. Test it out at the store or watch YouTube videos if you’re ordering online. 

If you’re struggling to find the best weapon lights, the Olight store can be the best place to start looking for your next weapon flashlight. 

Lastly, always remember, it’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

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