4 Benefits of Using Professional Transcription Services For Education

For decades, students and lecturers have relied on an audio recording to document academic content. Unfortunately, digital recordings take a considerable amount of time to capture every detail. This is why students and researches should tap into transcription services like Audext.com. Here are four benefits of using professional transcription services for education.

  1. Helps to review research materials

At the end of academic career, students have to do a project which may involve conducting interviews. While they can use digital recordings to analyze the data, they are hard to review. This can lead to the omission of critical data. To ensure they get more accurate information, students can use Audext. It can quickly transcribe audio to text within minutes. Also, transcription services can be used in peer-group sessions or when pulling information for a dissertation. The advantage of this is that you can search for a keyword in a word document and get all the content you need. Of course, you’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on data analysis and important academic work.

  1. A valuable learning tool

Transcription services like Audext can help students’ record seminars, lectures, and Q&A sessions stress-free. They can later check the content in detail to ensure they didn’t lose the important details. On the other hand, some university professors have to lecture in different institutions for the same subject. It’s easier to share notes among the students when they are transcribed – irrespective of the accent. Audio to text converter online Audext provides endless classroom possibilities. It transcribes one hour of audio in 20 minutes.Since this tool helps students interact closely with the material, they can highlight the important parts of the lecture. It’s also easy to identify those areas a student is having difficulty understanding.

During long lectures, students may find themselves wandering on the main point. When you transcript your lectures, students can go back to the parts they may have missed. Some students learn in non-native language so your teaching style may be hard without additional support. They can use the transcription to translate the notes into their native language. It’s worth mentioning that this is an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of English. Even if you’re a brilliant speaker, students will not learn the same way. Audext can be extremely helpful to visual learners.

Students with hearing impairment and those who can’t attend the classes can follow the speech of the lecturer. And when it’s time to study for the exams, the students can go through the transcription notes. Furthermore, journalism classes can find these transcripts useful and remain confident that the information is correct. For future reference, students can create archives and increase the value of their education.

  1. Improves universities engagement with online students

With professional transcription service, students can’t miss all the good stuff that goes on campus. Typically, an online learner might find it difficult to attend group discussions. This can make them feel detached to campus life that they ought to enjoy. Thankfully, universities can prepare transcripts of group presentations, forums, and welcoming speeches. Audext allows institutions to share their experiences and history with the online community. This means that students can learn without a physical visit. And with poor internet connectivity, learners can face challenges when the video is loading at a slow speed. But with transcription services, students can download and print documents as the study material.

With so much work to cover, transcription frees university lecturers from having to type the course outline and class notes. This valuable time can be spent on writing or conducting educational research. Needless to say, it opens opportunities for students who want to study remotely.

  1. Transcribing educational events

Transcribing events like group sessions and interviews can help to increase value to students’ education. Whether you’re the speaker or an attendee, you want to make the most out of the seminar. If you’re a student, you just need to hit that record button and transcribe later. Apart from ensuring you get valuable content, there are other benefits of transcribing an educational event. It helps to reach a wider audience, it’s searchable and easier to consume/share.

Whether your goal is to grow as an individual or learn, transcribing group sessions help you save time and effort. And you don’t have to miss a thing- you get complete and accurate information. Unlike audio, texts allow you to capture every word spoken. In addition to that, the copies can be scanned. To put it succinctly, they are easier to digest and follow. And the benefits don’t end there. You can convert and repurpose them later. You can publish the texts as eBooks, research paper, or infographics.

Audext has become a lifesaver for lectures who want to access materials online. It also helps students’ convert audio to text and carves their path to success.