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The conservative deputy and the Brexit minister defended Theresa May against the brutal words of other parliamentarians, including a statement by a conservative deputy that Ms. May should "take her own bow" to a 1922 committee meeting, where he could decide his destiny as prime minister.

Speaking with Sophy Ridge on her Sunday program, Ms. Braverman called for party unity when she warned that the "greatest threat" facing the country was a "government of Jeremy Corbyn."

Ms. Braverman said: "The Prime Minister is guiding us, he is navigating us through what is unprecedented in our country, it is the biggest challenge we face." Is not easy."

But presenter Sophy Ridge said: "It seems they are united against the Prime Minister."

Mrs. Braverman said: "No, I do not agree with that, I have met many people when I knock on their doors, they give full support to the Prime Minister and they just want her to continue with the work.

"I think the division in our party is not excellent for our country and it also sends a really negative message to our European and global partners.

"I think it's right to want unity in our party, I think we all believe in values ​​very similar to conservatives.

"We know that the biggest threat facing our country is a government of Jeremy Corbyn, which nobody wants here. It would ruin our country, ruin our nation and diminish our place on the world stage. "

Mrs. Braverman continued: "I think that should focus our minds as conservatives, and we should unite."

A vote of no confidence could be in the letters for Mrs. May when she enters one of the most difficult political weeks of her career.

Disgruntled Tory parliamentarians desperate for a new approach have threatened to instigate a vote of mistrust in a few days, as they implore Ms. May to confront them at their 1922 Committee meeting on Wednesday, which is being labeled a "trial test".

As a result of the crisis meeting, Ms. May will face a last-ditch attempt to save her crumbling leader as she confronts disillusioned and frustrated parliamentarians, some of whom are preparing to intensify their campaign to succeed her in Number 10. .

In an ominous warning, he was told to "bring his own rope" to the confrontation, as high-ranking parliamentarians told the prime minister that he was in the "last chance room".

Andrew Andrew Bridgen's critic said: "This week, Theresa May will discover that she's drinking in the lounge for the last chance and the bad news for her is that the bar is already dry."

"If it does not reach 22, that will make the letters come in even faster."

Meanwhile, a senior Tory Brexiteer said: "She must bring her own tie to & # 39; 22.

"In the absence of an unusually powerful, persuasive and consistent performance, I think your time will be over."

The 1922 Committee, also known as "the 22", is a committee of all conservative backbench parliamentarians who meet weekly when the House of Commons is in office.

Ms. May will use a Commons statement to say that the agreement with Brexit is "ninety-five percent complete", although problems related to the support of Northern Ireland still remain.