25 years later, Space Jam has a new website – and the first trailer for the sequel


Since 1996, spacejam.com has been an internet time capsule like few others exist – a largely untouched example of the early World Wide Web and all the most advanced multimedia offerings available at the time, such as animated GIFs and Windows 95 screensavers. But 25 years later it has finally been supplanted; the new sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy, starring LeBron James, has taken over the URL to show the very first trailer of the new movie.

Here’s what spacejam.com looks like today:

But before you boycott the sequel, you should probably know it’s original Space Jam website is not dead yet. In fact, it is just one click away from spacejam.com/1996, and on the new website you can go back in time with that original Space Jam logo (in the top right corner).

Here’s that new trailer for the LeBron James version – featuring both a cartoon LeBron James as well as scaled-up CGI versions of the Looney Toons crew. Looks like they will break into the real world again!

Will LeBron go Googling for the original Space Jam website in the movie (or maybe Daffy or Bugs will notice it’s still there?) I think it’s a safe bet. It will arrive in theaters and HBO Max simultaneously on July 16.