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23 Wild AITA Posts That Will Definitely Make You Mad At Men


The Am I the Asshole? subreddit is a goldmine of previously owned drama, a location where it’s not just alright to evaluate others, however a real requirement. It’s addicting … and frequently absolutely rage-inducing. I’m consumed w reading AITA posts and it’s actually INSANE that 99% of them resemble: AITA for not wishing to actually feed breast milk out of my left tit for my ineffective thick young child bf/fianc é/ hubby 08:21 PM – 12 Jul 2022 Twitter: @GigaThot There’s a guaranteed style to a lot of the posts, and it’s males being horrible. Here are a few of the wildest examples … 1. This papa, who desired his 7-year-old child penalized for “unfaithful” on her pretend sweetheart: Twitter: @HakyeonWife 2. This other half who declined to add to his other half’s healthcare facility expense from when she brought to life their kid: Twitter: @thiscassgirl 4. This partner, who regularly body shamed his other half after she had their infant: 5. And this papa who predicts his tummy button fear: 6. This father who could not be troubled to “babysit” his own kids: 7. This train lover who sleuthed on his sweetheart’s computer system: AITA for explaining the historic errors of my sweetheart’s sexual writing? https://t.co/Pen4iRBcjg 10:00 PM – 19 Apr 2022 Twitter: @AITA_online 9. This abundant sibling who required to be lowered a peg: 10. This boy who frightened his own mom: 11. This sweetheart who was simply plain insensitive: 12. This hubby who prioritizes his pal over his other half: 13. This father who could not manage being challenged with his own habits: 14. This hubby who anticipated his pregnant better half to “press through” any troubles: 15. This sweetheart with a delicate male ego: 16. This lasagne burglar who blamed his victim: 17. And this abundant partner who let his sweetheart avoid meals on holiday instead of spend for her: AITA for welcoming my (29M) Girlfriend (28F) on a costly holiday and anticipating her to pay all of her share? (I make a lot more than her) https://t.co/bFad8kfOIV 11:40 AM – 28 Jun 2021 Twitter: @AITA_online 18. This father who anticipated his child to “make” her menstruation items: 20. This separated daddy who didn’t inform his own child he was marrying THAT DAY: 23. And last but not least, this outright asshole:

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