10 Things You Didn’t Know About Finland

You probably know that Finland is one of the Scandinavian countries of Europe. However, there are a few things that you might want to learn about this fabulous country and local residents. 

Finland is evaluated as the best place to live in and there is one good reason for that. Despite cold climate and changeable weather, this country has lots of surprising cultural and national peculiarities.


Here are top 10 facts about this state that you might not be aware of.


#1 Sports and competitions you’ll never find anywhere else

Finland has many unique types of sports. Have you ever heard of them? In fact, these are completely legal ways of spending one’s leisure time, including:

  • Mosquito hunting competition
  • Wife-carrying tournaments
  • Throwing mobile devices, etc.

#2 Unique holiday of Finland

As for the most unique yet weird holiday that Finnish people celebrate every year is the National Failure Day. The origins of this holiday dates back to 2010. And it’s obviously sounds a bit quirky but still makes sense. 

The main idea behind this holiday is to learn from your own mistakes and not to make them again in the future. This event is celebrated annually on October 13. 

#3 Best wages across Europe

The minimum salary paid to most specialists in Finland is one of the highest in Europe, while the average one in the capital of this country is around 2,500 Euros a month. 

#4 Nationwide caffeine addiction

On average, the Finnish nation consumes around 12 kg of coffee annually. This means that they drink more coffee and other caffeine-containing drinks than any other nation in the world. 

#5 Love for Finnish language

A curious thing about Finns is that they really love their native language but the most surprising part of it is that they even celebrate it annually on April 9. This is a special day for the whole nation. 

What’s more, Finns would always give you a smile if you say something in Finnish. That’s because they consider their mother tongue unique and are really proud of it.

#6 Finland has more lakes compared to the state’s size than any other country

In fact, there are almost two hundred thousand lakes on the territory of Finland, and that’s exactly why it’s known as “the land of a thousand lakes”. With the number of people in Finland, it can be assumed that there is one lake for every 26 people.

#7 Finland was the first-ever European state to give the right of voting to women

Finland turned into the first state in Europe that gave females the right to vote and even become members of the parliament. As a consequence, Finland had chosen its first ever female prime minister back in 2000s. Besides, it became the first state in Europe that had a female leader of the country as well.

#8 One of the highest cost of living across Europe

Even though Finland offers the highest salary to Finns, it still has the highest cost of living in Europe which includes prices for rent and property. 

The local residents still say that Finns have a great quality of living because they are paid a good salary and don’t even require a second job.

#9 Finns are the happiest people on Earth

Believe it or not, but this Nordic nation is ranked as the top happiest country of the world according to such factors as:

  • Life expectancy
  • Freedom of choice
  • Support of close people
  • Economic power and much more.

#10 Gambling as a nationwide passion of Finland

As netticasinot statistics say around 50% of adult Finns place a bet once per week at a minimum. In fact, Finland is known for perfect casinos and excellent slot machines that are scattered all over the country including supermarkets, stores and other public places. 

This is not surprising because the local residents have a real passion for gambling and casino expenses account to more than 2 billion Euros per year. This makes it not just a profitable business but also a source of additional income for local population.